RT and LT keep becoming inactive on my TE stick

Ever since I first purchased a round one TE in 2009, both of those buttons would randomly stop working. It could happen within the first few minutes of playing, or it could happen hours later; sometimes not at all. The problem is that it was so completely random and I could never pinpoint the problem. But it was always both of these buttons. Simply unplugging the controller and then plugging it back in would always fix it. I’ve opened up the stick to check the terminals and have even added different wiring, but that never fixed the issue. This has not been too much of a problem over the years, but I’m about to get more serious with competitive play outside of the home and can’t have this happening all of the time.

Any idea what would be causing this? If I need to, I’ll just buy another stick, but it would be a rather shitty option since almost everything else inside my current stick was replaced and is essentially new as it is.

its a known problem with the TE’s there is some hackery you can try… I cant find the link to that thread atm but easier method is to either buy a new stick or mod it with another PCB…

Known problem.
No way to fix.


I know toodles mentioned something to try to fix it but I dont think anyone has tried it…
edit: other than Toodles himself

The guy I did it for hasn’t mentioned anything since he received it. I’ll see if I can bug him into posting up.

Yeah, after posting I ended up finding a thread here from 2009 on the issue. So which sticks are known to NOT have these problems, since it appears that the Round 2 sticks had these same problems? I am using a replacement panel and have no idea if it will fit the later models, nor how the insides of the sticks look, since a few things are supposed to be laid out differently.

It is only known to happen for sure on Rnd1 SE/TE 360 version sticks. I think they addressed it in a later revision, but I dont think anyone knows 100% except for MadCatz who aren’t talking about it.

Would have been nice if they had let the public know that they had discovered what the issue was, and what their solution was. But of course, that would prevent an additional sale by people who are getting sick of the problem with their current sticks right? Seems like I’ll need to be buying another stick then. Any suggestions on a stick that would fit the round one panel (are they all the same?), because I’ve heard that they are different later on. Also, did the later versions remove the black plastic molding that has the holes in the center? That eats up a lot of space when trying to fit different button layouts.

Of the TE designs, every stick besides the new SoulCalibur stick has the center plane with the round cutouts for the pushbutton switches. The Soul Edition has a large open section cut out under the buttons.

Thanks. Round 2 gamble it is then.

Your Panel will fit.
Nothing is placed differently inside either.

Round 2 TE now use the TE “S” PCB.
Which locks Back and Select and Guide with the Lock Switch.

The original run of Round 2 TE used TE PCB.
The Lock Switch only locks Guide.

I tried your method you told somebody in another thread with the same problems. The fix where you ground wires to the jlf and the bottom plate? I haven’t run into that problem since. Word of caution though, the wire does need to be tight but if you tighten the bottom screw too tight, you’ll squish your rubber foot off. One of these days i’ll find a nut to just double on there and lock the wire between the two but for now my rubber foot is off