RT Stopped Working with Brand New TE Type S

Pretty much sums it up. Was playing for an hour with brand new stick purchased from Gamestop, the RT (Hard Kick button) stops working… I unplug it then plug it back in and it works fine… is this a common problem with the sticks?

This actually happens with my fightpads as well, but they aren’t 150$. Seriously I am pretty pissed off right now.

And the Madcatz curse strikes the next generation. I’m guessing its a 360 stick? Its been a known problem with the TE sticks, was hoping the new sticks were immune.

I’ve used the stick for roughly 5-7 hours, no problems here. I’m also using the “S” TE.

if it’s the button, swap the RT button with LT.

@Kitsuien: Yes, 360 stick

Seriously. 1 hour of play. Brand new out of the box stick. Had to drive 30 minutes because all 3 local gamestops were out of stock. What a waste of time and money.

I had the same problem with my fight pads. The heavy kick goes out from time to time. I didn’t care as much because I got them for 20$. This was 150$.

If this is a known problem, that is fucking asstastic. What if this goes out during a match in a tournament? Seriously. And I’m not the type to open these up. I will probably end up returning the stick tomorrow, and just pick up a nice Hori.

Seriously sucks because otherwise I love this stick :angry:

Fuck this product and fuck Madcatz.

Yo listen it happened again and THIS TIME it’s BOTH TRIGGERS not working!!!

Oh and yeah I just read another guy over on neoGAF reporting the same problem!

I’m going to take this back tomorrow get my money and put it towards one of the new Hori VTX or whatever they are called.

Did you try opening up the stick? Perhaps one of the QDs just happen to be loose.

It is an issue with all Madcatz Street Fighter IV PCBs actually. It happened on plenty of my customs with a fight pad, it worked perfectly fine after reconnecting but when it does happen it is so annoying. The problem shows up and then goes away for months then comes back.

Stop getting so uppity, , open your TE, and just switch the buttons to Controller-B layout (Fierce = LB, Roundhouse = RB).


This is an extremely common issue with the madcatz brand sticks. There have been suggestions and methods by board member Jmro that you need to ground the top and bottom metal panels of the stick. Apparently ever since he’s done it, he has never had this problem re-occur again. I can say that I bought a TE a couple weeks ago which also exhibited the trigger issues and have also since then grounded my stick. This appears to be an issue of static discharge.


Haven’t had any problems reoccur yet, but who knows. I’m not going to say it’s definitely a fix because I don’t use that new stick I got as much as my other one. Also for those who say the trigger issues happen with the fight pad I can honestly say it has never happened to mine.

Personally i don’t like hori products, But they are reliable, Ive had my Hori-EX2’s unmodded for years buttons are stiff and rough but it still works and its been through hell i let my little nephew play with one of my hori-ex2’s and he’s only one, Personally however for my stick, I just went with a SE and sanwa button’s because i knew the risk of both sticks at the time, If you do plan on ordering a stick my friend can i recommend you to a site that sells modded hori sticks