Rtdzign Ministick plans

More to come later…
Been getting requests to build these cases, but I have no time to do this, so I’m putting up my plans so that anybody or any builder can make them based off this design. Will update in a few days-weeks. There are plans, but things have to be done in a certain order, and these plans require certain tools.


2x 3/4 inch thick wood for front and back pieces. Cut to 8 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide

2x 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch thick wood for sides. Cut to 5 1/2 long and 1 3/4 inches wide

1/4 inch dowels

3/4 inch corner braces.

1/2 inch MDF for top panel. Sawed to 8x4 inches

1/16 inch acrylic top panel, 8x4 inches.

-Tools needed
Drill -
Standard twist bit set from 3/64 in. - 1/4 in.
24mm forstner
to be continued…
-Sawing Wood pieces

-Marking wood pieces

-Drilling Pilot Holes and cord notch
-Drill panel support bracket holes
-Drilling Left and Right Sides
-Routing Jig for recesses

-Joining Wood with dowels and glue

-Sanding tops and bottoms flat.
-Routing top edges with round over

-Top Panel MDF(Sanwa JLF) or Seimitsu VF plate
-Top Panel acrylic
-Affixing panel
-My wood finishing technique (2 weeks of sanding and applying varnish, 2 weeks of drying)

Case Gallery

Show me the cases!
























I finally got to mod one of your mini cases recently. I wish there was a small hole that’s the same size as the ones on the sides because I was able to fit a mini din8 connector in the hole pretty well.

Otherwise its a really cool stick that’s super small. Wish I was installing more than just a Cthulhu. Would of been a fun challenge to fit more pcbs into it.

Cool that you got to take a look at it in person. Out of curiosity which one was it?
Any who, the holes on the side are 1/2 inch, so if you have a 1/2 inch forstner or spade bit it could have been drilled in the back.

Here’s the pictures of the stick. After I realized it was a ps3 only cthulhu and not a MC cthulhu I stopped bothering with the mini din8.

I was at NEC XII and I was getting awesome compliments on my mini all weekend. Comments like godlike and such. ^___^ I wholly endorse more sticks. I love the hell outta mine. Its my main stick.

i will say, when I started thinking about a mini stick a few weeks back, the first thing I did was went and looked at yours.
Sadly, I refuse to build one that doesn’t use a JLF or 30mm buttons, its just not practical. Actually seeing the plans does give me some more food for thought though.

You’d be surprised. In my opinion after trying lots of JLFs LS-32s and an LS-56, the 56 is the best 1 by far, and the 24mm buttons work surprisingly well. You have to try it to understand I think. These days I use my ministick more than any of my other sticks, it’s basically the best thing ever.

Why did you end up going with an LS-56 in the first place?

The Seimitsu vf plate being the smallest mounting plate it looked ideal.

I actually went with the LS-33 because it was the most compact stick with the lowest clearance, you are supposed to mount an LS-33 1-2mm below the panel, so the bottom of it sits up higher. I made these before Phreakazoid announced the link. With the JLF the shaft height is too high and the bottom of the shaft is closer to the bottom panel. You need to mount the JLF 3/8 inch below the panel for it to feel right, or else the pivot is in a different place than the TE. I did make a JLF compatible variant for myself because phreakazoid’s link. The LS-33 shaft height is lower and makes the stick more compact, so I was able to make a slimmer case. Now that there is the link, the JLF would be the ideal stick.

I really hope you reconsider or at least someone else decides to step up and build these again, I missed out the first time and really regret it. Would love to keep one of these at work so during break I can play TGM2 properly instead of having to use the damn x360 controller.

So the Link is shorter than the normal jlf shaft?

Nope still is mounted a little high, but a detachable shaft makes it worth it.

Thanks for sharing your design plans.
I may need to be inspired to make a ministick of my own as well, though probably not quite as compact as yours.
They just got an Xbox here at the office in one of the lounge/meeting rooms, so I just might have to start bringing a compact stick to work every day (or just leave it here).

rtdzign: just out of curiosity, what buttons do you use for the ones on the sides?

Sorry for the late reply. I used radio shack buttons.