Rtdzign's Franken Fightpads. D-pad + Arcade Buttons. ( Sorry. I don't make these anymore)

Sorry I don’t make these anymore. Here is my Photobucket album if you wanted to see how it is constructed or if you want to reverse engineer.

Playstation 24mm button version (Peawang PCB can be put inside) This is an example of a Matte acrylic top panel.

Youtube Vid of Demonstration.

Playstation Version 30mm version cannot put PCB inside. This one has a metal panel underneath an clear acrylic panel where artwork can be sandwiched between. Metal panel and clear acrylic are extra.

Saturn Version no longer available due to sega clone pads no longer in production.
Before you ask, no, I won’t defile an original Sega Saturn dogbone pad. Those things are too rare.

So the Franken Fightpad is the mating of a gamepad to a project box with Arcade buttons. I have 2 designs, one using a Playstation 1 pad and the other using a Sega Saturn usb pad. I don’t use actual Sega Saturn Model 2 pads for Saturn because they are rare/expensive/hard to obtain. I use the Saturn SLS usb clones.

Typically the user would need to be seated to use one of these. The box would rest on your right knee while you would use your fingers on the 6 buttons and the left hand would control the D-pad. Buttons used would be either Sanwa OBSF-30 or Seimitsu PS-15. Cannot use Seimitsu KN or GNs.

Prices:$250-300+ Depending on what you want. The cheapest option at $250 is the grey Playstation 1 pad with 24mm buttons and matte plastic top, with PS3/PC/Xbox360 compatibilty built in.

Playstation Franken Fightpad, I need to sell you a set of Items. The controller itself, the DB-25 cable and then a project box for each compatible system. Let me know what color buttons you want. Because of the type of custom this is, I have to install the buttons myself.

So when PMing me be sure to include the following:

  1. If you want 24mm or 30mm buttons Franken Fight pad.

2)What types of project boxes you want. and/or system compatibility.

  1. What Color Sanwa OBSF-30’s do you want? For 4P and 4K I can use white and black 18mm or black 1/2inch Radio Shack buttons.
    If you want Seimitsu PS-15’s It may be an extra $10- $15 depending if I have to order them separate from Akihabarashop and exchange rate. No Seimitsus screw ins can fit due to limited space.

4)if you want artwork swappable FFpad or a more affordable matte Acrylic version.Artwork, You would need to send me the artwork. I would print it out. Here is an approximate template. Avoid designs that trace button layouts precisely like perfect circles around buttons. These are hand made and the button placement will deviate a mm or 4 and may be off a degree or 2 in terms of angle. For this template, set the DPI to 300.


The controller is designed to be modular. There is a DB-25 port on the back of the box to allow me to hook up a hacked controller pcb to be placed in an electronics enclosure box. A DB-25 cable is used to bridge the two so the enclosure can sit on the floor.

Franken Fightpad Saturn Angles


Default Button Layout (edit: no longer able to create these.



















PSX version


Button Layout (Turbo is only for PCBs with Turbo mapped to Console Detection, PS360, Peawang)



notes on construction


Each of these Franken Fighpads consists of a cut up pad bolted to a project box. In the case of the PSX Franken Fightpad the pad is bolted to the top panel.


The Saturn Version the back of the pad is bolted to the bottom of the project box.


The top surface panel where the buttons are mounted to consist of a metal plate under a 1/16 sheet of acrylic.



Q: Why so expensive?
A: Wear dark grey and take a nap on the freeway. J/K. Making this stuff isn’t cheap or quick. The prices quoted with hours of labor taken into account translate to me earning less than minimum wage.

Q: What is your estimated turn around times?
A: Typically I ask for 45 days. Because I make these to order, and because I have to order some parts off ebay, and some stores periodically run out of stock of certain parts, turn around times can fluctuate. In ideal conditions I can get one done in two weeks, but most likely a full month should be expected. If there are any delays I will inform you.

Q: How many of these can you make and how often?
A: My policy is that I will only accept money for 1 of these at a time. Typically If I accept money I will work to get it out as quickly as possible and finish it, or refund in full. On occasion will take breaks from modding if doing this puts my life out of balance and won’t accept money if I’m not up to task. Ideally I hope to make one or two of these every two months to not burn out.

Q: I love “X” pad for “X” system. Will you use that for me?
A: No. In order to answer this question I would have to do some R&D and experimentation on my own dime to see if this is possible. I only do Saturn USB clone and PS1 pads because they are cheap and plentiful and have figured out a design to make this work in terms of mounting.

Also, I have reservations on hacking up original controllers for systems that are rare. For example cutting up a Sega Saturn Model 2 pad or a Nintendo SNES pad is kind of like shooting endangered animals.

Q: What is better the PSX or Saturn version?
A: They both suck. Use a stick. Just kidding. Seriously, I don’t know your preference. I like the Saturn pads. They are more sensitive and easier for me to do motions quickly, but another guy I made one for found the Saturn pad unusable and liked the PSX pad because it was less sensitive and is accustomed to making large motions with his thumb. So you had better know if you like a Saturn or PSX d-pad, because I don’t do refunds just because you don’t know your d-pad preference. If you prefer an SNES pad the PSX pad is more like it.

Youtube Videos:


Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Super Street Fighter 4

This is the video of the first original prototype Franken Fightpad that was made. It is a bit fatter.

Just a few more samples.

that looks dope.

8 button ftw

Edit: Looks FUCKING AMAZING either way.

8 button is dick.

Edit: No worries. As you can see my design cannot accomodate 8 buttons, and I am going to decide to be inflexible in changine my design.

6 button is cooler.

I would love to try the Saturn frankenpad–fits my claw style of pad play.

It was pretty surreal hearing jdm say that live in person :slight_smile: .

I approve!

Go Franken Fightpads Go!

My. God.
Within the next few months, you will receive a PM from me, sir. :slight_smile:

Is there any way you could record yourself playing on one of these?

wow i am going to let my boy know about this. you have talent my friend.

I updated the first post with youtube vids.

Nice work rtdzign, willing to trade for one of these? Let me know. I think this would make a great gift for my co-worker. Thanks.

At the moment, as far as arcade sticks go I’m fully stocked. I can’t think of anything material that I want. Because it cost more than $100 in materials for a complete unit, I would need to take some cash to even start producing one.

this is perfect for Tekken players on pad.

Haha, I saw the link in your sig and this made my day. =p Now whenever the Pad/Stick argument comes up, I can throw them here. Best of both worlds. =p

I gotta say, this is pretty much ultimate awesomesauce.

Do WANT! If Portal AND MK9 weren’t coming out on the SAME FREAKIN DAY, I’d totally buy one of these. Any way to make one work on the Wii? I play TvC with the classic controller and act as if it were a frankenpad (Use the D-Pad with my thumb and the face buttons with my fingers).

At the moment, I am a little too busy to make these, but maybe in a month or so.

It is possible to make a project box for the wii with a PiiWii board.

you’re a damn genius. Nice one.

this is ugly looking, why not just take that controller off and make another box at level height with asdw/arrowkeys, and a 2