RTSD Ryu or patient?

Which is better to you? I can’t make up my mind since I’ve seen both be effective and he is becoming my main slowly but surely.

I find an aggressive playstyle is more difficult than a patient/turtle playstyle, and you if you can’t turtle, you’ll have a weak rushdown. With that said, Ryu is a powerhouse who can turn the momentum in his favor in an instant. I’d say, it depends on your abilities, and your sa choice.

Yeah, I was going to say that I know it depends on playstyle but in general which seems to be more effective… I guess sa choice does have a lot to do with it. I know if you have them cornered you should no doubt rush 'em but for example when the match starts is it better to haul ass right into a severe beating attempt or wait, watch, parry/block then punish. Again I know that it depends on the opponent and your playstyle but in general what seems to be more effective overall?

I find myself playing a pseudo-Frankie3s Denjin style Ryu. Madd ballsy, a lot of parrying, punishing, pressure, and presenting the versatility of Denjin. Playing the style can be pretty damn rewarding because of knockdowns to mix-ups, fast meter, punishing heavily and getting that stun, but it’s demanding as it requires a high level of awareness and guessing, which can destroy your momentum. EX Hadous are pretty godlike as well.

always keep the pressure but be smart and patient about it, then be explosive once the opportunity arises. thats the type of ryu’s i see that are most successful

I’m in a hurry; I got shit to do, so I’ll be rushing. Thank you.

I would say rushdown unless you are playing sa1. There are too many characters with superior pokes for him to turtle/zone, but having access to lots of ex fireballs boosts his ground game a lot. He also can deal tons of damage with or without meter, making his rushdown that much more intimidating.

With SA3 you must play turtle till you get a combo in, and then rush them to the ground. Speaking of SA3, I hate seeing people throw a fireball before the Denjin, when there is no use for the fireball. Go straight to Denjin after a knock-down, get maximum charge, and time it right. Goes without saying, a fireball followed by Denjin often is very useful indeed.

On topic, you can compare Ryu to Ken and conclude with that he needs to be played a bit more conservatively. A perfect rush down beats a perfect counter style, so rush them to the ground if you’re up for it.

Pherai has been on point with both posts. :tup:

Imo you can play ryu either way, but sa1 allows you to play a little more reserved. I usually rotate ryu’s sa’s depending on my opponents character, but I play sa2 ryu mostly. I find I have to be alot more aggressive to actually get it off on someone in comparison to sa1. sa3 is the same.

Uh, so which one is it? :wonder:

I hope it’s the 2nd part, because a fireball before Denjin, if timed and executed right, can mess up the timing of parrying a Denjin.

Or did I just miss the sarcasm? :rofl:

its impossible to be as aggressive with sa3 as it is with sa2 and sa1 cos he only has 1 super bar, he cant use his ex wich is a big part of his offensive game.

ooo shit im so smart!!

No. I mean when you have time to charge long enough to recover before the opponent has finished parrying, it’s a situation more in your favor than one where you hope you made it tricky for your opponent with a fireball. It’s the better alternative in many situations, in my opinion.


Moving along, it’s in your best interest to initially wait for an opening, counter attack and then go for the Denjin, instead of sort of leaving yourself open by making the first moves and set up a Denjin opportunity. That is the safest and most solid plan, unless you have a confident or “reliable” rush down.

If it were roulette, I’d place a bet on counter attack at first.

As for SA1 and 2… you guys have a point with his EX fireballs being a strong poke and allow for better zoning. I used to play only SA2 and very defensively, but I don’t think I utilized the fear factor people have by an offensive SA2. I went for hit confirms on their wake-up instead of tick throws, which was a really stupid plan, honestly.

Tick throws, and tick and wait, and punish their tech attempt with SA2.

Denjin is difficult to play. I don’t mean to offend people who play denjin, but I think if you are playing it reactively, and defensively, you’re doing it wrong. The people who played denjin well against me had a strong, intimidating rushdown, which allowed them to gain meter quick, and made me less bold when they actually setup the denjin. On paper, it doesn’t seem like its appropriate to play it as aggressively as sa1 or sa2, but you kind of have to imo.

I’ll support that, and point to Frankie3S as good proof. Pherai, you played against the guy, right?

Maybe. As long as you just mix it up, you shouldn’t run into too many problems.

Personally, I don’t use Ryu’s ex moves very often because it is not my style. Denjin Ryu is fun and good to use against scrubs but expert players will parry it more often than not. I find his best super is (and I’m going to get flamed for saying this) the shin shoryuken. Why? The c.short-c.short->sa2 combo. Many players feel that only way to connect this super is on a wakeup or as a counter. Not true. Even the best players routinely get hit with the c.short*2 to sa2. However, you MUST play a very aggressive Ryu to be able to fill up that meter enough to get it off 2 times in a 3 round match. Constantly throw out c.mk, standing strong and jumping strong left and right and watch that meter fill. Then throw them in a corner, jump behind them as a cross up and try the combo. It will work maybe half the time, which is excellent. If they block, then throw them in the corner, jump behind them, and dont attack, just throw them. It should catch them if they expect an attack. If they parry the jumping mk, expect a tech throw. Dash in, standing strong. Then dash in, c.short. If they get hit with the short (which will happen often) they can kiss more than half their health goodbye. This style of ryu is very effective. If you are a parry master (like me) then choosing this as your super is a no brainer. One of my favorite combos is the down parry>c.mk>fierce shoryu>sa2. Takes like 60% of their health lol and puts the player on tilt.

Might be news to you but you can punish a dash instantly…no cr.lk, no throw will save you

Thanks for the advice everyone. Denjin it is for me as soon as I get a good feel for rushing that ass.