RTSD Storm



Storm’s normal jump rushdown is perhaps the fastest in the game but her ability to cross up and perform overhead attacks is not as great as Magneto. Her triangle jump with short has ridiculous range which can be followed up with a crouching roundhouse into an air combo. However, Storm’s triangle jump with jab is very useful, although it is not as fast as her short, it outprioritizes many counter attacks and creates a longer hit stun than her short. Her tri jump jab can easily be followed up with anything you wish to continue with.

The usefulness of her tri jump roundhouse is also amazing. A high tri jump will result in an overhead cross up which can be followed up with the most damaging combo available in the game. A tri jump roundhouse -> [tri jump roundhouse] x N. Usually it is best to follow this through for 5 to 6 reps and launch into either an air combo ending in a Lightning Storm xx HSF or an attempt at a reset of some kind. Repeated tri jumps also work on crouching characters at which point whenever you wish, you can dash in standing jab + Sentinel drones xx Fierce throw.

A few decent tactics to use with Storm: Launch, super jump fierce, dash downforward jab, land, call any type of projectile assist, dash underneath, relaunch. If using a powerful anti-air, anytime a launcher is landed, drop the anti-air and Hail Storm. Absurdly damaging but pushes the opponent full screen away. Unless, of course, they roll, at which point you can proceed to rush down.

Storm’s high/low game is very dangerous. Her crouching jab beats out most attacks simply because it is one of the fastest moves in the game. Against crouching short Magneto fiends, a crouching jab at the beginning of the match will always beat Magneto’s short. Storm can switch from hitting high to hitting low extremely quickly, remember to mix it up. The cross up ability with her tri jumped short should be exploited as much as possible as well as varying normal and super jump triangle jumps.

Storm can also use empty triangle jumps to get in on “block high” fiends. A super quick triangle jumped roundhouse will not come out due to the sluggish start-up which can instantly be followed up with a crouching short, crouching jab, launcher, etc., etc. Empty tri jumps do come with a risk, there is enough time for an assist to be called. Storm is fast but she isn’t lightning fast. The speed at which she tri jumps; however, is extremely intimidating, to the point where people mash on their assists as a “GTFO counter call,” these along with random tag-ins are to be expected.

Never rush wrecklessly, you will not be able to capitalize on landed attacks and “scrubby” tactics such as random tag-ins and assist mashing will kill your game. Be in control and know what you are doing i.e. risk/reward rushdown. A good mindset to have when rushing is always staying in throw proximity, this is very similar to Magneto, it may seem blatantly obvious but during a match it is always good to keep that in mind.

Rushdown is a thousand times easier if an assist character is dead. Remember to snap back. Remember to snap back. Remember to snap back. This strategy alone kills entire teams. It also allows you to completely demolish characters because all they can do is sit there and block hoping they chose the right direction. A perfect example is a lone Cable, if a Coked up Storm is going ape shit in Cable’s face, what is he going to do? Psimitar? Just a tip, but when Storm is bouncing all around a character attacking all the time and they do not have an assist, they are probably going to die.

A good flying screen combo with Storm: Launch, sj fierce, dash df fierce, another roundhouse before they hit the ground. Great set up for cross ups and such but look out for assist mashing so either dash in and dash out, baiting the assist then counter calling and playing high/low with point, or, drop your assist and super jump xx dash over the point so their assist misses and is then occupied with your assist and then play high/low game with their point. In almost every case, your goal is to isolate their point character from their assists and throw as many different attacks as you can. Cross up the point all the time, keep them in block stun as long as you can, do whatever so long as both you and their point is isolated from their assist. When this happens, Storm wins. If your rushdown is very effective, keep rushing, don’t let your lead disappear, only run away if you have a complete character lead and you will focus completely on running away and capitalizing on your opponent’s mistakes. Rushing will either win you the match quickly or lose it even quicker so pay attention to what you are doing and how the match feels.


good post! her rushdown is no joke and sometimes more dangerous then magneto’s due to the EXtremly easy ac to LAXXLS dhc to hsf -> unfly combo which usually kills a character and to build on sentinel seperately if u master the c. hp of his( which is unblockable) you storm sent will be more deadly. also since most of the time u use storm with sent and aaa like psylocke u can set up combos ooff of grabs

this techiniques is called TIAs( throws into assist) which i think pryde is a very strong advocate of and me too since i helped me win some recent matches.

tias with storm sent and stomr pyslocke

HP grab and call sent realeases sent hits launch , takes timing BUT every useful

HK grab call psylcoke releases pys hits OTG . c lk s. hk fly up and kill too useful

try jumps with storm are fast and if u can do them fast enough u chain em via the infinite.

more storm combos s hk call commando hail storm

s. hk sj lk sj lp sj lk laxxls NOTE; removing the 1st jab from the usual magic series does MORE damage BUT not that much

more advance combos later

use more LA to punish assist and LS

when running away sj and air dash and mash the HP BUT save ur LA and try to anticipate a sj character or a flying sent and then u are almost untoucable in the air


The aircombo you choose to do with Storm is a pretty important part of Storm’s game, and one that is difficult to get a grasp of (I have yet to fully, myself).

BEST one is short, strong, forward, LA x2, LS. A base combo that is damaging and sets up powerful DHC options afterward. You can add a jab if you see that you need that extra bit of meter to bring in Sentinel (or get the super off in the first place), but this is not easy to eyeball.

If you have no meter or just one, you might want to switch to her extended air combo, which sets up Sentinel DHC just as well (other ones are harder), but more importantly gives you a nice chunk of meter. End with fierce if you can’t build up 2 levels (doing only Lightning Storm without DHC in extended air combo is NOT worth it).

A good Storm solo combo is launch, SJ.RH, airdash forward, short short LA x2, LS. This is actually pretty easy and I think it’s her most damaging option.

Finally, you can throw in an assist in the combo in a variety of ways. Easy way is just launch with assist into hail, but with timing and practice you can get a hit with Commando and still go into regular AC for LOTS AND LOTS of damage.


Something worth mentioning.

If you have Storm/Psy and land a launch from Psy, you’re better off doing Launch, Lightning Attack xx Lightning Storm straight off, it’s more damage in the long run and if you decide to air combo, damage will be scaled like a bitch.



exactly the type of shit i needed to hear!thanks

i had one question. does s. fp have any uses at all?doesn’t seem like it, not like mags.


in the corner if you hit with it you can go right into a launcher, like iron mans.

the only combo i use it in is :

launch, fk, ad down, fk, lk (otg), lp, fp, fk.

i do use it on assists. fp + bh xx hail.


Storm’s fp? last night i was messing around with the move and i did find an interesting combo. light,light+mag-a,fp then LAXXLS it did around 80-85 damage on average life. The priority is somthing i’m messing around with so i’ll try to get some info and get back. somone else surely knows.


i find it easier to use her launcher instead of fp, on that combo ^ that mix up stated… that formula can be done with a lot of assists too. like juggs and collosus, (if near the side of the screen he comes out of) and rocket punch and repulsor blast to name a few.


Rim shot


Good shit peeps :wink:


Why do I have problems getting Storm’s sj rh, dash df, whatever to connect?

I can do it for Mag and Sim, but with Storm anything after dash df will miss.


Because her sj.RH doesn’t have that sort of knockdown property. Her sj.FP does on the other hand.

If you want a sj.RH, dash combo, here’s one:

Launch, sj.RH, dash forward, sj.LK, sj.LK, LA xx LS.

If you want a sj.FP, dash combo, here’s one:

Launch, sj.FP, dash DF, sj.LK, sj.LK, LA xx LS.

  • A note for either combo, you gotta be sort of close to the opponent for it to work 100%. So use just plain s.RH or just a c/s.LK, s.RH, adding in an extra hit might push them away.


Thanks I’ll give that a try. I can do that first combo, just not the second.


can someone list the different ways to guard break with storm? i know only one and its not very effective.

sj. short dash forward short, fwd, LA, LS.


sj.short, dash d/f, short, land, c.fp, into whatever air combo or reset you like…i prefer a modified version to what you posted though…sj.rh, air dash d/f, lk, lk, LA, LS DHC into wuteva


Whats everyones take on storm/aaa vs mag/aaa…NO DRONES… how do you think this fight is going nowadays? it doesn’t seem as bad as it once was, still sucks…just magneto seems to be able to pull through more now.


Why bother doing anything else but s.RH+AA? People do that all the time and it will always end up hitting a few times during the match. If you’re talking Storm/Commando vs Mag/Psy, depending on how much of a turtle the Storm team’s going to be, Mag/Psy will have a difficult time getting in.

What I imagine most Storm players doing is s.RH+Commando to stop Magneto from getting in, if Magneto hits Commando, Storm does typhoon xx Hailstorm, repeats the process or starts running away. So, IMO, best bet is to just catch Storm off guard if she starts running away.


Then approach it WITHOUT commando for storm.

I guess it’s just josh wigfalls magneto or somthing:p


I’ve read a lot of people saying Storm: Regular AC, la, laXXLSxxHSFxxdeath or any other variation of that…what exactly does that entail? Should this be in storm or sent thread? If there’s a thread with this info then just gimme a link please. Thanks in advance.


this shit’s good! by the way stupid Q:

how you do the s.jab xx fierce throw with the opponent covered in lightning ? and how you maximize la xx ls damage?

thanx in advance:D