Rubber Ball Top?


So I have this slightly embarrassing issue where my hands constantly sweat. Whatever, many people have it. But in fighting game matches (online or otherwise) I get so nervous it gets extra sweaty. Which eventually causes the plastic ball top of any arcade stick to feel uncomfortably gross and slip out of my hands. Anyone know if someone makes a rubber ball top that I could buy? I feel like this would be a really good idea but when I searched it on google I got nothing. I’m thinking of possibly making one out of one of those SuperBalls.

So does anyone know of a company that makes rubber ball tops? And if not, what do you think of the SuperBall idea? Or just generally any tips from my fellow sweaty handed gamers on how to stop sweating? I was thinking of playing in Latex gloves but…yeah.


You could also just probably put a latex sleeve over the plastic ball top.

EDIT: Also if anything it shouldn’t be too hard to make your own rubber ball top by just taking a stone mold of a plastic ball top and casting a thick latex version for yourself. Better yet just buy some liquid latex and make a really think coat of it on the outside of the ball. It’s gotta be mixed thick though or else it won’t be durable enough. And you should probably apply it one layer at a time once each layer dries.


Shouldn’t be too hard to just replace the ball top with one of those rubber ones, right?


That’s a pretty great idea despite “latex sleeve” bringing up somewhat disturbing google results. Dipping it in liquid latex sounds pretty easy too. I think I’m going to work on drilling out a superball or something but in the mean time this latex sleeve idea could be a nice, quick, ghetto solution.


lightly sand the gloss off that would help a lot or use some of that truck bed grip may be a little rough or your hands but balls won’t be slick

You can also apply baby powder or hand chalk like people use for pool or weight lifting

Don’t mess with a completely rubber ball the thread is going to end up wearing out quick like


brb buying baby powder. Why didn’t I think of this? If this works, I owe you.


plasti dip maybe :slight_smile:


I second the idea of dipping a balltop in liquid latex, 2-3 coats max sounds about right. Whatever you do, post your results here!


was just going to post this. plastidip is awesome. and easy to remove if you dont like it.


Bro, the secret is using those super small water balloons. Stretch them over the ball. You know. If you’re really cool doe, you double up on dem doe.


I’m going to have to +1 this. It’s what they use to coat the handles of tools, you can get it in spray or brush on form in either yellow or black and it’s cheap.


My hands tend to get pretty sweaty so I just wear gloves.


I happen to have a box of latex gloves, this is a hell of a good idea. Gonna have to do this all the time.


Mod ur fightstick with a fan.


I used to think that 3rd party controllers that had fans built into the handles where stupid gimmicky junk. I now think that it would be nice if a reputable 3rd party controller maker would incorporate such a feature into their products.


A wireframe balltop that allowed airflow would ve killer.


Be careful which latex use use, as some will peel too easily.

Look for this stuff, it works great on handles of tools.

I also notice the texture of Sanwa Bat tops give a alright grip, better than smooth ball tops.


Actually depending on how many layers of latex you use it will be very durable and won’t peel at all. It tends to shrink as it dries and will hug onto what ever it’s applied to. As long as it’s thick it won’t be as easy to stretch and wear out.


Personally when I get baked I don’t sweat. And trust me I have xenomorph level acid sweat that can short PCBs.

Speaking of which, anyone’s done any waterproofing around the pcb area for madcatz TE before?


Down the road i’m putting some computer fans into a hitbox style controller. I have the materials now I just need the time. I have the Dpad with the fans for MW3 and I like the fan option.