Rubber Feet?


so home depot has this pack of 4 rubber feet that are pretty nice. they’re like 1/4" thick by about 1.5" diameter.

however; i’ve been trying to find some rubber feet like the SF Anniversary stick has. they’re pretty thick and like 3" diameter almost. anyone know where i might find some of these or larger? homedepot /lowes/ace hardware - none of these places carry rubber feet this large.


Thats very smart :wgrin:


Well you’re very pretty.:lovin:



Also, to the OP:
You might want to try looking in a furniture store. I’m not sure, but I think I’ve seen them there. If that doesn’t pan out, your best bet is probably looking online.



wow. lmgtfy is awesome.

i looked for them online before but i don’t know why i didn’t use the term “rubber feet” haha.

thanks for the help fellas.


im lovin those black ones


Holy crap, great idea. I have a ton of those things in a jar at home…I mean…uh… I have like two of those because I only drink expensive wine!