Rubillionaire vs. G $$'s

Rubillionaire has agreed to play G-money in his ft10 mirror match where he attempts to pick low tiers. Waiting on a response from G money. Rubillionaire says , " awww mon he really thinks he can beat me with those characters mon…I use everyone in marvel mon."

^^^ hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

“yee mon, you see mon? this is how it’s goin down mon”

please let this match go down!

so is it pronounced G Money or G 2 Dollar signs?

G stacks get that money…

rubillionaire for the win.


I Got Hella Money On Rubillionaire Mon!

if he understands the rules…

round one I pick a team and he has to pick the same team, if I lose I can try another one that he has to mirror, if I win we play the same match again.

first to 10

100 of my money at least can go in, I will match side bets as well (up to one hundred trillion dollars) anytime Pad or Arcade.

This offer stands for anyone

G Money!!!