Ruby Heart: a SFMC & rook collaboration

colours & brushwork by SFMC (who else?), pencils by myself :slight_smile:

You should put SFMC’s name somewhere on the picture. :xeye:

Great stuff. I need to collab with someone… Hmmmmmmmm

I think this is awesome - a great collaboration. I can’t wait to colour the finished Zangief / Sagat sketch from you rook! Thanks for adding me to the list btw.

Thnaks. Srk has been annoying the heck out of me lately. 4 minutes to post. Server too busy every other second. Not worth it, but I’ll definitely pop my head in to see what’s up.

That cleavage is super sweet, it makes the picture.

coolness, i wanna do a collaboration with rook’s pic when he gets to my pic :clap:

ok… edited the text in the corner so it’s not so misleading :slight_smile:

major props to SFMC - he didn’t just colour the pic, he reworked it :slight_smile:

madre de dios!

Why is she so sad? She’s got nice gazongas, give her a smile!

Awesome job you two, as always.


thast not a sad face, thats a cocky face man. Like ken’s face in the 3s portrait. I make that face when I drive.

cool collab. you guys should make more!



man beeeeeeeeeee uuuu tii ful