Ruby heart capture assist combos

Can anybody list some capture assist combos. Like Ironmans infinite set up and other stuff like that.


launch, XX a/d d/f, lk, lk, land, + ruby capture XX shockwave, assist hits, dash in c.fp XX shockwave XX ruby’s qcf + PP super, land quickly, tag in magneto,,, shockwave.


s.lp,, s.lp + cykes AAA, s.fp, assist hits XX anchor grab XX tour de magi.

One of my favorite Doom/Ruby combos:

D+Jp,D+Sk,D+Fp then Assist/\Sk,Jp,Rk, AD Forward Photon Array.

Well that’s what I got. I didn’t really play around with it too much, so you might be able to find something better.

using doom/ruby i like to do:

launch + ruby,, lk, fk XX a/d down, assist hits, land, wave dash in c/f. fk, sj. lk, lk, apa.

Cap.Commando/Ruby ( capture assassist)

Stand .lp , Call ruby, stand lk, stand HK ( that gives them the little kick in air) into captain sword. ur basically gunna be standing the whole 3 hits u do this it’s the basic 3 hit combo into the captain sword ppl of course don’t just walk up to others and catch them in it u would probally jumpin and catch them unless they screw up some how but make sure u call ruby heart litterly soon as u nail the first hit or else the assassist will miss as they get knocked across screen with captain sword, i believe if fast enough u can also get them in the captain storm or possibly another 3 hits into the sword/capture. just pends far as i seen.

Sent - Launch + Anchor, fly, HP, land relaunch - sj RP, Lk, Mk, RP …
or, d + Lk and anchor, mp, RP, relaunch

Magneto - d + Lp and anchor, d + HP, sj HP, d/f airdash, launch, sj Hp, df airdash, HP, HK, slide

IM - D + MP, fly, LK and anchor, mk, u + HP, cancel fly, j Lk - if done quickly opp. will still be above ground - IM Inf.
or launch, sj Hp, airdash up & HP, fly, LK and ruby, MK, forward Hp, land, s. HK, into Inf.

Commando D + LK, d + HP and anchor, qcf + Lk, relaunch or on big characters HP, HK, qcb + P

Hulk - D + HP and anchor, gamma crush

Hulk, D + Lk, d + Mk and anchor, gamma charge xx Gamma crush … posted by Mike _Z
D + HP plus anchor, sj Hk, falling Lk, mk, jump and airthrow, Lk otg, gamma charge, qcf + 2K

Storm - D + Lk and anchor, d+ Mp, Hk, sj Hp, DF airdash, land, launch, sj Hp, df airdash Hp, HK, s. Hk otg
Storm can throw into anchor as long as she does her back Hp throw.
so D + Lk and anchor, d + Mp, Hk, sj HP, DF airdash, s.Hk, sj Hp, DF airdash jab, call assist, back HP throw, launch, sj 2 LA xx LS for about 90% total

I Think IM can Guardbreak midscreen with an early assist call, IM - j HP, Uni beam. Need someone to test it against.