Ruby Heart in upcoming Capcom social game

“Capcom is teaming up with GREE to release six social games this year.”

The game seems to be called “With Everyone Great Ocean Frontier”.
By social, they most likely refer to phone games, probably similar to the upcoming MegaMan Xover game. Set your expectations low. But it’s still pretty awesome to see Ruby Heart come back and be remembered. Looks like they increased her bust size, in hopes she stays remembered…

Sorry if there’s already another open thread for this.

Flash games and Iphone games? Can’t say I’m too hyped.

I disagree with the direction Capcom is going in. They should make anti-social games.
Like, visual novel gal games and rape simulators.

Ruby Heart finally gets her own game and it’s for a phone. What a waste

I assume there’s no hope for this being released in the west right?

Lol at how the picture for capcom allstars has old Dante in the character compilation.
Go all in or go home, Capcom.

Also ochimusha you just necroed this shit pretty hard. Just seen the OP date after I posted.