Ruby Heart question

What does the Ghost do when it’s attached?

suck meter…

oh didn’t know that.

Why wasn’ t this asked in the Ruby Heart thread? Why didn’t you just look it up a move list FAQ? Not trying be mean but…this thread is mindbogglingly pointless.

That’s no excuse for such a simple query. Looking at a movelist or even PMimg me (!) would have been so much more practical.

perhaps it could spark discussion about the ghost…

besides, your questions are making it worse. it’s done.

also, asking people who play the game on a forum he is frequently on is more practical for him than trying to find an FAQ or movelist and hoping it has the correct info about ruby/her ghost.

PMing random people? haha…no

Ghost traps anybody?

You’re right, its done. Other than that, your comments sound ridiculous; PM random people? Obviously a joke…

Practical to ask on a forum? There’s dozens of movelist FAQS on GameFAQs, a site EVERY gamer knows about…a few clicks away. And there was already information on the move in the “active” Ruby thread in her section…seriously, shut up.

And anyway, there was already excellent information on Ghosts and lots of Ruby Heart stuff posted in her section by our Ruby Heart God, Ten. You look in the character forums first, than you post a thread if for ‘some’ reason us Marvel fanatics did not cover it.

Jeez, I’m not attacking the fellow just wanted to know why such a simple thing deserved its own thread.

Yes, lots of traps, set-ups and stuff for Ruby Heart in this thread:

lol, this scrub who says the dumbest shit saying my comments are ridiculous…sorry, again no. you’re just a dumbass.

he is in no way going to PM you (aka pming random people) no one does that shit.

it is practical…on a fighting game forum. I know for sure that I don’t know any FAQs. hmmm. but it does sound like you are a gamefaq scrub.

seriously, shut up

no wonder you had so much neg.

go get raped more by simple shit and cry about tron…

You don’t even know me… and I haven’t even joined Gamefaqs. You’re being silly because someone decided not kneel to your ass. Previously said the PM thing was a lark and you still try to use it in a counter argument? You can’t even type complete sentences. And I’m the dumbass?

And I liked the negative rep; it matched with my avatar. Like having rep means anything to me anyway.

And yeah, I suck at MvC2. What of it?

I’m assuming this thread being locked could prove to be somewhat useful at this stage of the game?

thanks for ignoring my points…typical

again, I, and I am sure many others don’t use any FAQs or know of them. This is a fighting game forum…so it’s not so far-fetched to ask in general discussion.

OMG!!! OF COURSE! because how I type on a forum is a total indicator of how I would type a paper (for example)

yes, you are the dumbass :karate:

It’s not that the negative rep means anything to the individual, it just generally shows that the person usually makes dumbs posts, is a dumbass, etc. but of course, you couldn’t understand that…dumbass

Ignoring what post? All you did in your “compelling argument” was call me dumbass over and over again. I don’t listen to obvious wankers. I picked and salvaged through the mess of a post as was possible. Of course, I’d ignore those “points”. You’re babbling nonsense instead of making a coherent argument.

I already PMed the original poster and planned to apologize to you as well, but you seem to want to take the piss so I’ll pass. I’m done with slobbering in this thread with you; if you’re still interested in fucking with me, drop a PM or what-have-you. We can go till question marks…

via PM…


Now, both of you shut up. Seriously… Fight each other via PM.