Ruby Rocks!

^Take it how you wanna haha.

I’m trying to find a second person for my Ruby Rocks team. Ruby-A/xxx/Doom B.

I’ve been using Iron Man for the longest, since that’s what it said on the wiki, but I think there could be a better partner out there for her.

What this thread is about is what partner could I use that can benefit from Ruby and Doom and what other partner could I use to benefit Ruby.

Lets theorize for a minute. Here are all of the candidates I came up with.

Iron Man on point:
-Can set up an infinite from Ruby’s assist, as well as from Rocks.
-Fountains and Smart Bombs allow him to move in easier.
-That’s all I can really think of.

All I really know about Iron Man is that you should be able to get in with Smart Bombs covering you and every hit confirm you get should lead to the infinite or a really huge unfly combo lol.

Iron Man as an Assist:
-Repulsor Blast helps keep the opponent out as shown in this vid here [media=youtube]A9IyWLBcOfw[/media] (starts at 4:37)
-Repulsor Blast can set up some neat otg combos. And it does a lot of damage too. It can help Doom set up for an easy super as well.
-He can DHC in from Ruby’s invincible start up Hyper Schwarzelle, and can fuck up an unexpecting opponent quickly. [media=youtube]KvxVGqTXI-w&feature=related[/media] starting at 0:36 this is a GREAT punishing move.
-If Ruby can land her ship super, DHC after every hit into Proton Cannon, and if you really need to take out the opponent Doom has Photon Array super.
-If Ruby can get out her Mille Fantome chest, DHC into Photon Cannon for massive chip. You could prolly lure out a counter super in order to counter that with a PC. If the Ghost actually connect I do believe that they can block the PC while it is still going! I think I found a way to set it up so the PC can connect while the ghost also do damage but like I said I think it gets blocked in the middle. Prolly cuz its the PS2 version or something.

My second candidate is Storm. I haven’t tested her much though. But of course from theory we have:

Storm on point:
-Fountains help with her runaway meter building a bit. Not much, but the more stuff on the screen the better I suppose haha.
-Fountain guards Storm from getting hit during the start up of her Hail Storm if you need to chip them to death.
-Storm has a REALLY damaging combo with the Fountain assist. I think it does more damage than Storm’s BnB LAx2 xx Lightning Storm aerial rave BUT I can never land that fuckin combo so there’s no way for me to know! :lame::rofl: the combo is:
-s.short, s.roundhouse (call Ruby) /\ sj.roundhouse xx Lighting Storm. What happens is Storm launches, a Fountain is summoned, sj.roundhouse knocks them into the Fountain and they take a point blank Lightning Storm up the ass. If your team order is Storm/Doom/Ruby then you can DHC into any of Doom’s supers! If you have no meter then well Lightning Ball works instead of Lightning Storm! :wow: lol

Storm as an assist:
-Typhoon and vert typhoon both help with Ruby’s amazing ground pressure game. [media=youtube]A9IyWLBcOfw[/media] just watch the whole vid I’m sure you’ve all seen it a billion time already though lol.
-Typhoon helps extend combos.
-Typhoon covers Ruby as she tries to advance, and also helps keep the opponent out! Fountain + RH ghost + Typhoon = a lotta coverage imo.
-Vert Typhoon also helps keep em out, although not as effective as the regular one imo.
-Ruby lacks a real Anti-Air with this setup. Vert Typhoon is about the closest thing Ruby can get to an anti air.
-Mille Phantom is great here. Use Doom to protect Ruby while she calls out her chest, then DHC into Hail Storm for some massive chip. Also, [media=youtube]A9IyWLBcOfw[/media] @ 1:44 you see the double hailstorm reset on assist. Amazing :cool:

Candidate #3: Introducing Cable! Once again this is mostly theory.

Cable on point:
-First things first, if a fountain hits, free AHVB xn where n=#of meter available. (Actually, I’m not sure. Most I could get off of this was 2 on a smaller character)
-Fountains help runaway game.
-Fountains stop some fireballs from interfering with Cable.
-That’s it really. Ruby is no Commando but every bit helps I suppose.

Cable as an assist:
-Yay. We get an anti-air now. :party: Psimitar stops rushdown, something Ruby (or me as a player actually) can’t handle.
-Psimitar launching them all the way up to the top of the screen gets annoying lol. If your opponent is too frustrated you can pull out a random Barrel super to put them in Dizzy then follow up from there.:cybot:
-Ruby has a lot of tricks she can use to get an easy switch in to Cable to get a free AHVB off. As shown here throughout this whole video [media=youtube]yotxQ3CDDTU&feature=related[/media]

Basically the way I would play this is use Ruby to quickly build meter for Cable to unload using Ruby and Doom to set up for the AHVBs :china:

My fourth choice was actually Sentinel but I have actually NEVER picked Ruby/Sent/Doom before haha. So all I would have to try this before I make any comments. For now I can just say that Drones help Ruby a bunch but they help every low tier character so that doesn’t count :arazz:

Future updates:
-Low tier action. Ruby/lowtier/Doom ftw? We will find out.

Anything people contribute I will stick in the main post :slight_smile:

why the spoilers? …

more stuff
IM can set up the Inf from Hp throw onto Ruby AAA
Ruby can combo tag ins with HP , ghost xx Hyperschw’ (F, UF, Down - whiff sLK otg/ juggle tag) - magnetro’s vid if you missed it

not sure about the last part you wrote but sHP frame cancelling ghost super to Proton cannon combos

Played Ruby / storm /Doom for a while - kinda OK - better teams
lack of AAA ain’t helpful vs rushdown - main attribute is corner lockdowns

quite a few set ups for storm with her waterfall assist
D + LP and Ruby, d+mp, HK, Hail combos or after launch sj HP, LA xxLS

You can also do d+mp, d + HP or standing HK frame cancel ghost super into Hail - combos - on big characters you can do another Hail and it combos … pretty reliable - the hail hits them so they get hit by the 2nd part of the ghost super ( you’ll notice it comes out in like 2 bunches of ghosts)
you can even just do Lightning storm ( not too quickly - otherwise Doom Cage super comes out)

RE Ruby / Cable … it ain’t that good - no good DHC’s.

Ruby / WM / IM is pretty good
Ruby / IM / sent is great … haven’t used it alot
Ruby / Doom / Tron is pretty buff too

the stuff posted by Ten in the main thread is really useful.

Thank you for replying.

I will update the main post soon.

I always preferred ruby\xxx ron over ruby\xxx\doom combinations. Its hard for ruby to mixup properly. Shes pretty much a ground pressure character so when you land a hit, you’ll need to do damage. Doom won’t do that for you but ruby ron gets some very easy 80% hit confirm options. S.fp, hit confirm, call tron, super, fwd, dwn, tron rings hit, rejuggle. Very easy hit confirm into massive life and its safe on block. Ruby ron also provides beefy assist damage. C.rh+tron max range will juggle helpers which is very useful. Anytime that spike hits the helper, generally you can do dash jupfwd+rh+tron and smack them into the rings. If the opponent tries to fuck with you, super and still get the damage.

ruby\sent\cap = god like
ruby\IM\sent = rubofiend. Double instant super is fucked up and great team synergy all the way around.
ruby\cable\doom = I would assume this team would do well but can have problems.
ruby\cable ron
ruby\cyke ron
ruby\cammy ron

Ruby can also combo d + Lp and Tron, s Hk, dash forward, Hp, HK before doing Hyperschw’
( I think she can call Tron with the standing kick instead of the jab too)

Other decent teams
Ruby / storm / cyclops - very safe
Ruby / marrow/ collosus

Thanos / Ruby / IM

if you super as an assists hits, you’ll cause double the damage. With ruby hearts super being 1 frame, getting this glitch is in your favor. There’s a video of it on zachd or something like that. iirc, deus was the one who put the video up.

I don’t think you can get all 3 rings to do double the damage but you can certainly get one of them to do so.

Yeah I remember the vid - Kaising posted it, and MikeZ showed it too.

All of this info is great. I never used Ruby/Tron before haha. Unfortunately I don’t have my PS2 anymore BUT I do have an Xbox 360 now so come June 29 you will see me online with my Ruby Heart teams.

Another IM inf set up using Ruby AA - don’t think its been posted.
d+LK, d+ MP, fly, LK and Ruby assist, mk, U + HP, cancel fly, j INf.

You can also reset when doing his j .INf if you hadn’t used Ruby assist
j Lp and Ruby, j MP, f AD behind.

juggs (overhead), ruby (AAA), bbhood (proj) is my current low tier team.
benefits: jugg’s overhead w/ ruby’s good sweep into fountains into super.
bbhood proj assist is decent when rushing down.
THC is a true one hit kill if you mash correctly
glitched ruby (jugg power up and tag out) isn’t so bad.