Ruby's crazy combo against sentinel

THe one on Mekiouski vol. 11 where pulls off a sort of semi infinite on sent… does anyone know exactly how to do that where she combo him and then brings em down and down a regular jumping combo?

looking at vid now… from what I can tell
after Hyperschw’ sj Lp, lk, lk, lk (all Lk not Mk), lp, land sj Lp,Lk, lk, lk?, Hk, (flying screen so no sj), LK, land, j Lp,Lk,mp,Mk, land j Lp,Hp HK
alot of LK’s linked
Should test this out in training mode - suprised to see a sj Lp combo after Hyperschw’ :wow:

I finally saw the vid…

Vs. heavy characters, ruby can launch,, lk, lk, FK, pause, lk, land, j.lp, j.fp, at midscreen. This works because the lk’s keep her at the same distance as the opponent while they are decending and her FK recovers fast enough to add on the lk midair right afterwards.

Any ground combo > super: its Forward, Forward (1 hit), Down [land]. The one hit is juggles them/pops them up…land, sj.lp, lk x 3, lp, land, rejump lp, lk, lk, fk, lk, land, rejump lp, lk, lk, mk, land, rejump lp, fp, fk.

this works because the SJ. after the super puts ruby above sent and because sent is actually lower to the ground.

Off of a regular launcher, the best I could do is: launch, sj.lp, lk, lk, lk, fk, lk, land, j.lp, lk, mk, land, j.lp, fp, fk.

taking a look at the last combo with ruby, tron, and IM…I havent had a chance to test this, but this is what I am seeing.

[after a tag in with ruby] Launch, sj.lp, lk, lk, fk, lk, land, j.lp, mp, fp, fk, land, s.lp,, s.fp, [Capcom gets ‘tripped’ by the whip~causes Limit break] (otg) XX ghost chest XX qcf + PP super: forward, down [land], capcom gets juggled, (hits right before capcom lands, juggles???), s.fp > ghost hits, water tower (not sure which one), fp anchor XX qcf + PP super, anchor hits, tag in tron…

anyway…after the LB, things get complicated. I’ll test it and keep stuff simple…maybe a relaunch combo or combo > super > dhc…

does it really work with out the game being hacked…joo know for hacking mvc2 post videos.