Rufus 2012: From Scrub to Top 100 XBL



I got frustrated with this thread and all its broken links, and too much information. I am going to try to break this character down to something more basic and concise, and chronicle what I have learned over the next 90 days of playing him over XBL. Hopefully beginning Rufus players and SF players in general can learn from this exp.


DC = Divekick followup combo (in Air df. mk)
GT =Galactic Tornado
FA =Focus Attack
FADC =Focus Attack Dash Cancel

{} =optional

cr. =crouch
st. =stand
df. =crouch diagonally forward
jfwd. =jump foward
jn. =jump neutral

List of Common Terms/Accronyms:

Sonic Hurricane


Normal Combos:


cr. lk, cr. lp, st. lp, st. lp, st. mp
cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hp XX GT (DC) ----> BNB off a divekick, very important to learn, st. hp XX GT (DC) ------> BNB off a divekick, very important to learn
cr. lp, cr. lp XX Ex GT

Ultra 1 Combos:


cr. mk XX Ex GT XX FADC XX st. lk XX st. hk, Ultra
Messiah, lk XX FADC XX Ultra
cr. lk, cr. lk, cst. hp XX GT (DC) ----> corner only, cst. hp XX GT, Ultra (DC)----> corner only

Punish Combos



cst. hp XX GT
st. lk XX st. hk, Ultra 1

Character Specific:

vs Blocked Shoto HP SRK


DiveKick, st. lk, cst. hp XX GT
DiveKick, cst. hp XX GT

NB: Certain Shotos you can charge an FA and get a crumple, followed by a divekick combo.

On Playing D:

Anti Airs and Their Optimum Ranges against all Cast:

NB: This for grounded anti-airing only. Also I dived the stage into 6 zones (0-5)
NB: 0 being the closest and 5 the furthest

vs Ryu


Common Ryu jump in Normals hk, fp, mk, lk

For jump forward mk,hk,lk in zone 1 where your feet touches Ryu’s feet, walk forward. Do NOT try to Normal Anti Air.
You can Normal Anti Air efficiently about 25% distance from the beginning of Zone 1.

There is a point in zone 1 where Ryu’s jmpf fp will not hit, option select bait, beaware.

st. fp

–zone 3: jmpf hk, mk, fp
–zone 2: jmpf hk, mk,

cr. mp

–zone 3: jmpf hk, mk, lk
–zone 2: jmpf hk, mk, lk, fp
–zone 1: jmpf fp,

vs Ken


Common Ken jump in normals lk, fp, hk, mk

For jmpf mk in zone 1, just block, dash, or roll away. Be wary of option selects.
For range 0 just walk forward.

st. fp

–zone 3: jmpf hk, mk, fp
–zone 2: jmpf hk, mk, fp
–zone 1: jmpf fp, hk, lk

cr. mp

–zone 3: jmpf hk, mk, lk, fp
–zone 2: jmpf hk, mk, lk, fp

vs E. Honda


Honda Common jump ins I have seen: hk, hp, mp

Zone 2 jump in HK is very dangerous if you decide to use st. fp, stick with cr. mp

st. fp

–zone 3: jmpf fp, mp, hk, mk
–zone 2: jmpf fp, mp(chk distance and time accordingly), hk(be very very careful, timing needs to be very precise), mk
–zone 1: jmpf fp, mp, hk, mk

cr. mp

–zone 3: jmpf fp, mp, hk, mk
–zone 2: jmpf fp, mp, hk, mk
–zone 1: jmpf mp

Whiff Punishing Against All Cast

cr. hk


Rufus’ main tool to punish whiffs.

Startup: 12 frames
Blk. Adv. : -6 frames(push back)

Slow but has excellent range.

fst. mk


Secondary tool: fst. mk.

Startup: 10
Blk. Adv: -4(push back)

Slow but has excellent range.

Understanding Their Safe Jump Against Me

Creating Offense

Generic Safe Jump on All Characters from fThrow


st. hp
jfwd. hp

NB: only works mid screen

Safe Jump Against C. Viper, Adon, Cammy, Chun Li, Yun, Honda, Ibuki(exc. EX)


step back
jfwd. hp

Miscellaneous Data

Dash Data


Rufus’ walk speed is the same as Ryu’s.
Rufus fDash => 20 frames
Rufus bDash => 27 frames
Focus Attack Level 1 Adv. => -4 (always back dash or ex messiah)
Focus Attack Level 2 Adv. => +2

Move Explanation


[spoiler=Wake Up Data][/details]


reserved 1


Tournament Level Videos

Air(RYU) vs Ricky Ortiz



Justin Wong vs Daigo(RYU)



Justin Wong vs Wolfkrone(VI)



Ricky Ortiz vs Chris G(SAK)



Lots of Top Rufus Play Here



Ricky Ortiz vs Daigo(RYU)



WolfKrone(VI) vs Ricky Ortiz



PR Rog(BO) vs Ricky Ortiz



Justin Wong vs Momochi(CO)



Momochi(CO) vs Ricky Ortiz



Justin Wong vs Momochi(CO)



Sorry for all the Justin and Ricky, but, there is no other Rufus players available on their level. At the same time they approach the character from completely different ideologies.


Thank you! I’m looking to pick up a rush down (I play guile) and I’ll definitely be watching this!


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Sticky this shit.


You’re BNB’s are wrong. It isn’t cr.LK into cl.HP, it’s cl.LK into cl.HP. Also you’re combo’s into U1 are lacking. You haven’t even included far st.HK or anti-air j.HK into U1. I also find it strange how you believe Rufus’ sweep to be his main whiff punishing tool. It can barely ever be used as a reactionairy whiff punisher because it’s simply too slow. Unless your opponent likes to mash on the heavy buttons you’re not going to sweep anyone. When playing against better players it only works when you’re expecting your opponent to stick something out.

I sincerely appreciate the effort, but this guide needs a lot of work even it if it’s meant for beginning players.


Creating offense or cross ups are p lacking too. Dive Kick safe zones are a must too. Whiffing a dive kick or hitting above the shoulder can be safe. Ultra 1 is safe on block if spaced far enough and can be safe on whiff or even catch people who like to jump in for anti air(though won’t work if they aren’t in a corner). is your best aa in most cases and ST.FHP is unsafe on block and leaves you in negative frames on whiff. (Only aa with it, if you are feeling lucky.) Down forward mk is your main get in move or if you like change it up at the start(lol they rarely see it coming early in matches or rounds) and it is safe on block. Rufus is so safe sometimes, you can just messiah kick all day if they aren’t pressing buttons. However, I faced a really good e.ryu(dafeetlee) and he blocked my messiah kicks and srk’d before the mix up could happen.