Rufus help

Rufus owns me all day for free.

Dive kick pressure makes me panic even though I block it pretty smart.
GT is super safe, and any counter get hit with a reaction EX GT
EX Messiah destroys even the slightest error in a block string. Then that gets FADC’d to ultra
Cr. Fierce outpokes me

Bsically I get pushed to the corner and can’t do shit. I feel like picking Ryu because I can handle a Rufus with a shoto.

Can’t Dee Jay do that Option select Crouch Tech+Crouching Heavy Punch thing just like Ryu can with Medium Punch to cover both a Grab and another Dive Kick while still blocking other stuff unless Rufus delays his blockstring?? I use it a lot on Rufus players and it seems to work but I’m not sure if Rufus can do somethign funky with his Dive Kicks to mess it up.

-this should go in the match-up thread, but try to keep him out with max outs and or HP
-Ive seen beat low dive kicks, but the cr.HP/Throw option select is best for when he gets in and starts dive kicking.
-Rufus can’t move forward unless he divekicks. IMO.
-if he likes to use cr.HP, FOCUS DAT SHIT, its like Sim’s HP. or block and reversal MK/HK sobat.

I have beaten some REAL good Rufus’, and the only thing I find helpful, is just build meter as much as possible while applying slight pressure (I throw out jab projectiles while S. MK, S. LK and S. MP poking), but once he closes in on me and is applying too much pressure and making me panic, when he lands after his dive kick I hit LP + LK + LK as a double tap. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But if you’re starting to freak out, EX Up Kick and get him off you. When he’s off you start your mix up game. Instead of applying pressure through long block strings (like the typical J. MK, C. LP x2, C. MP, whatever), I will J. MK, C. LP/ C. MP, attempt a throw or will mix up again. But be careful of random EX Messiah Kicks, make sure you’re hitting the combo’s right on and don’t do any random MGU, Up Kicks or Forward Kicks, because then it’s basically a guaranteed EX Messiah, and he will start fucking with you again with dive kicks.

Just try to keep your composure when playing against good Rufus’. Most people lose because they lose their patience and want to counter the dive kicks/pressure. Blocking and teching throws is your best friend in this match up, and don’t be afraid to throw out an EX Up Kick when he just won’t piss off.

And if you’re having problems with his C. HP, just FA like the guy above stated. Or just block (I would rather block, lol).

Thanks peeps.

Now if only the matchup threads first post had this much info…

The matchup info thread understands it as well as we all do from time to time, Rufus is going to get in that ass, and blow that shit up.

Do 2 things and I’m sure you will not get pwned as hard.

  1. Crouch tech with :lp::lk::hp:, it pretty much stops insta divekick pressure. Just watch out if they start punishing you for this. It beats his overhead too.

  2. Don’t push buttons in situations where you think he will EX messiah. If he has 3 bars + U1 then bait him out. EX upkick after the messiah to stop pretty much any followup.

all of this is in the matchup thread somewhere…

  1. For some strange reason Ex upkicks whiffs. lk upkick hits. I need to go back to the lab and see if mk and hk upkicks will work

Rufus has a weird hitbox, especially when it comes to DJ’s upkicks. Don’t treat him like anyone else in the game lol. After his Messiah I usually just C. MK him, knock his ass down and try to go to town before he gets to start dive-kicking my ass to death.

Yeah sometimes it whiffs if he does the low follow up, but sometimes it hits. It’s wierd, and it beats the high followup 100%, and I think it beats the regular followup. And it beats no followup.

Yeah I guess I’ll test it again then too, just to make sure there’s not a better option.

Try jumping back and hitting fierce or lk. backdash to bait his ex messiahs because that is the hail mary for rufus
also be wary that deejay kind of sucks :frowning: so go on the rufus thread and start adding people to strengthen your matchup because i kno for sure that the matchup threads on srk dont get updated too much
one more thing, if hes in range (mid screen?), try practicing stuffing his dive kicks/jump ins with slides. works with cody and i think it works with deejay. ill get back to you on that

As for jumping back to bait Rufus’ EX Messiah? I used to try that, never works. Usually Rufus will use EX Messiah in 1. When he’s getting frustrated/taking too much damage. 2. When he has full super meter and trying to catch you messing up your block strings.

I just do Knee Shots all day and night against Rufus, and try not to mess up my block strings. But if he does EX Messiah, the best thing you can do is just block it. I personally don’t counter it, and when I do it’s usually just an EX Up Kick / L Up Kick. But as for attempting to bait an EX Messiah? Keep knocking him down, or throwing projectiles like it’s a snowball fight, wait for him to EX Messiah, and right before his 2nd hit (whether low, high, medium), do a L or EX Up Kick, or if you got your timing right, Ultra.

As for stuffing Rufus’ Dive Kicks with Slide? It works, yeah. But sometimes it won’t hit him at all, or he will hit you (remember, Rufus’ hitbox is weird, and DeeJay’s slide has a weird hitbox too). Stuff his dive kicks by Knee Shotting! DeeJay’s ultimate tool!

Don’t forget you can stop a lot of ppls jumpins with air to air jumping lk.

Rufus can react to pretty much any jumpin even knee shot with cr. MP especially if he’s expecting it. It’s pretty gdlk.

Don’t U2 between his EX messiah followup, cuz if he does HK followup it goes over and you whiff.

And slide doesn’t work too good against dives its better for AAing far jumpins. Just option select cr. HP when he’s pressuring. and AA dives with st. MP or LK upkick.

DJ v Rufus = 6:4 DJ wins

Dj doesnt win this. There’s no way.

He can, you just have to learn patience… lk dreadkicks go a long way

He can, but it’s not full on 6-4 Dee Jay

yes it is. Rufus’ best pressure is dive kick. he can’t really do it against deejay. if you can tech a throw and not mash cr. tech then you’re golden.

^and not do dumb stuff in obvious situations. like pushing butons when he has 3 bars + U1, pushing buttons in the corner when he has U1. Jumping when he has U2.