Rufus mu? offline session soon



hi guys,
sorry if there is a thread concerning this mu already!
since i will face one of the top (if not the top) german rufus in a few days in an offline session i’d lik your thoughts!
up until now i just jumped most of the time when he got me in divekick hell, to either to whatever or to avoid throws… thing is, imo this only works online, where no one can consistently pull of that 1f rufus link! so, any ideas? i know we adon players dont have that option select like those lucky ryus… =(

i would appreciate everyones help!



Idk if this would be quick enough, but I think a cr. :lp: trades if not beats his dive kick outright. But then again, I think Rufus would be able to throw you after, but I’ll have to test it out as I finally played against a Rufus.

I foresee a lot of st. :hp: in this matchup.


why st. :hp: ? in footsies to counter dive kick attempts?

and how about backdash while those divekick st. :lk: throw stuff?


Yeah. More or less what I’ve tried to do is keep Rufus out with st. :hp: to zone and counter any dive kicks. I think it also hits his rolling normal, the overhead I think? st. :mk: works as well but doesn’t hit low. I think if he can’t get in, they’ll try a cr. :hp:

Backdash should work but I imagine they’ll take notice and chase it down either with a normal or a galactic tornado.


st.hp is good because even if it trades it should trade in your favour, id much rather trade with rufus than let him land a combo which could result in half your health due to his ability to ultra from EVERYTHING! haha.

close hp is also good if he delays the dive kick, but you gotta be fast. use st.lp and cr.lp they both work quite well too.

I find to be too slow in this matchup.

Also be careful with the neutral jumps, if he reads it, its a free ultra due to the juggle… I try and remain on the ground unless I can cross him up/ambi crossup.