Rufus Q&A Thread: Post ALL your questions here!



ok people, as you know there are a lot of random threads with simple questions as: “hp tornado is not comming out” or “what are rufus bnbs?”

So any question you have about the fat man goes here, but remember that any question about match-up goes in the match-up thread (which needs an update…this goes for me, I?ll work on that ASAP)

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So go ahead and feel free to post your questions here.


I’ll start the thread off. <_<

Going from pad to stick, is there any noticeable difference in what you can do with Rufus? I main Viper and sticks are almost held as a panacea concerning her, what about the big fellow over here?


Not much really, Rufus isnt “execution madness” as Viper or Gen, who I think is impossible to play in pad and be as effective as using a stick. Mostly FADC messiah kick is a bit different (not difficult). Divekicks feel “smoother” if you can call it that way

Rufus is not so different in pad or stick, but I think using the stick (no homo) makes you feel more comfortable with Rufus movement


When Chun Li do spinning bird kick I noticed that sometimes I will take full damage when diving, some times trade while diving and some times win while diving (100% win in corner but she does the immortal back jump, like when you reset someone). On Gen on the other hand I seem to get hit by Gekiro (I think that’s the name on his srk-like move that hits many times) 100%.

So my question is, what are the different areas on the hitbox that I can hit without taking damage vs ex spinning bird kick and any (l/m/h/ex) Gekiro when using dive kick?

I hope this is the right thread for this, sorry if it’s not :3


That’s a good question, the best way to deal with EX SBK from chun is to delay your dive kick. After a knockdown, most chun’s will try to EX SBK your dive kick on wake up. What you have to do is neutral jump, wait for chun to EX SBK and then dive kick. Basically, once the SBK is active you can hit Chun out of it, you wanna land your kick in her crotch while shes spinning. Practice the timing in training mode, if you start to trade, delay the kick a little longer.

Against Gen, I don’t really understand your question. But what you should do is not just do empty jump-ins because otherwise a gekiro will hit u. You have to cross Gen up in order to not get hit by the gekiro. Also, the regular gekiro does not have that good of startup, so u can probably even get away with just straight dive kick pressure, but I’d cross up to be safe until you know for sure. If you need more clarity I’ll try and explain better, or just look for videos of rufus vs chun on youtube, you’re bound to see a dive kick beat out an SBK at least a couple times


I think I understand how to beat chun out of ex SBK, thanks.

Against Gen I mean just how do you beat his Gekiro with dive? I played a not so bad Gen earlier and noticed that it’s pretty hard to hit his Gekiro even in corners where you almost auto crossup with proper timing (I got this down to 95% success if not more against SRK). I am not doing empty jump ins I do dives like I would against a Ryu/Ken/Sagat on wakeup and Gekiro appears to beat my dive even when I hit roughly the same spot. Maybe I just need more practise though, I don’t exactly play decent Gens often. Will a meaty dive beat it or will any crossup dive beat it? I am a bit confused…


The whole - s.hp one frame link sounds really hard using a trigger button. :lol:


Gekiro has a kinda weird hitbox, and I have to get used to it again every time I play against Gen. From what I remember, you want to be careful not to cross up too much, as autocorrect will ensure that you get hit. Move more towards the middle of his body, and I THINK, meatier.


It’s hard, but not impossible on the Dual Shock. All about the muscle memory. I still haven’t got the link down in actual matches, though. It helps that R1 is digital and not a trigger. Couldn’t imagine pulling off a 1-frame link on L2 or R2, though.


So should I aim at the back of his head or even more on the front? His face? Well I guess I’ll have to try it out, I’ll come back after having met a good Gen (might take a while) and tell you how it goes.


Sorry, but I don’t remember the exact positioning… Just that I tend to aim for the top of his head, roughly, maybe just a little further back than that. Basically, aim to experiment on each knockdown you get… If he auto-corrects, obviously you’re doing it too far behind him.

You could also practice in training mode. Record some Gekido-spamming with a gen, knock him down, and try crossing him up as he gets up. That, or poke around the Gen forum for a practice partner.


Yea, you really can’t go wrong aiming your dive kick at the top of your opponent’s head, as long as it is meaty (right on wake-up). Most of the time it will stuff their SRK or whatever, and usually u land behind them which can confuse them.


maybe this will help you beating wakeup DPs in general, It works for me at least


I have no problem canceling the c.lp into the ex tornado, but for some reason when I do say three c.lp’s linked together i can’t get the tornado to come out after. Is there a reason why the cancel doesn’t work when the light punch is used in a combo?

And if it doesn’t work is there a good place to use the ex tornado? and what should i do at the end of a light punch string to maximize damage?

Also, which move is used to cross people up other than the dive kick? It looks like the mid kick, but whenever ive tried it, it never hits.


First question: I remember this one from another thread… Apparently, since an attack that’s already been linked from another attack has different properties, you can’t link the same stuff. That, and distance also has an effect on what hits when. Though in this case, from what I remember, the solution is to delay the third LP so that it doesn’t link from the second LP. Of course, that also breaks up the combo, so it only really works if you can interrupt the opponent’s attack or whatever with the un-comboed LP.

MK crosses up, but it looks weird doing it and only works on certain characters. Throw forwards, dash twice and then jump.


I dont use Ex tornado that often, since I save my meter for Ex messiah/EX Snake. Against some characters you can do after far.lp but Id recommend you saving your meter. There are some situations in which Ex tornado comes handy, like when you hit a j.hp and you are too far to do close Hp you do xx EX tornado for good damage


thanks for the responses guys. I was looking for a good damaging option after a far reaching jump fierce other than sweep.


On the c.lp x3 into EX GT combo, u want to do the first 2 c.lps as fast as they can come out, then delay the third c.lp significantly longer and the EX GT should combo. It’s a true combo, similar to akumas c.lp x3 into lk tatsu. Also, if u can time the 3 c.lp so that they all link together, u can combo into the EX GT. It’s like c.lp pause c.lp pause c.lp EX GT. Practice it in training mode and the links will become natural. EX GT can be added to safe combos against Ryu and Sagat, such as: dive kick hits deep EX GT or just EX GT. If u can afford to waste the meter and do some extra damage it’s an efficient combo and is easier to do than s.hp if you aren’t comfortable with it.


If you find yourself c. jab a lot I’d recommend not going for the ex tornado if you have you don’t have at least 2 bars. Instead what I started doing a lot is c. jab x2, s. jab x2, (far) s. strong. Depending on distance you might have to reduce the number of c. jabs but this is assuming your right up against them.


I’ve been in the lab trying to sharpen my anti-blanka game but for the life of my I cant punish blanka balls with walk forward crouch fierce. Is the sweet spot for this extremely tiny? Any tips?