rufus question


i noticed that sanford repeatedly kept eating dive kicks on wakeup. why didn’t he just block or reversal? do you think he was trying to jump out?

in any case, what kind of mixup can rufus apply on wake up? is it possible to do safe dive kicks, like safe jump in?

He tried to reverse DP at around 7:39 i believe, and it got beat out by a dive kick. the next dive kick after that was just a crossup, it’s a 50/50 and hard to predict.

On wake up, safe jump HP works from the right distance to bait something out. I do it sometimes, but mix-up dive kick is your best bet, since it’s a 50/50.

IMO, anyway.

he ate a dive kick trying to reversal. dive kick at the right angle will beat TU cause of how TU travels. block>got thrown for blocking w/ the empty jump. got cross-up and he blocked wrong. reset, sanford blocking wrong again. basically justin guess right on a lot or sanford guess wrong. same thing.