Rufus Teams





You discuss.


Synergy, sick combos, both characters have amazing mix-ups. Whats not to love?


No, Ryu kills Rufus, although I’m not sure about Bob’s matchups.


Can you be more specific? Because this feels like a troll thread.


Too lopsided towards rush down. Not the best team but I think people can make it work. The BEST team would have to cover every base.


Changing thread to a teams thread.


Oh k.

For teams I’m playing as Rufus/Asuka. Asuka is really bad at getting in and Rufus can make that easy for her. She also has very damaging Switch combos and is really effective with meter (I mean, can only be effective with meter) so Rufus builds some for her. Biggest problem is that their matchups are alike so grapplers are really challenging.

I’m also experimenting with Rufus/Ibuki if Asuka if I don’t improve any better with Asuka. I already have plenty of experience with Ibuki from SF4 anyway.

For characters to pair up with Rufus I’d recommend characters that struggle to get in or a character to cover his bad matchups. I’m not sure if Rufus is better as a point or anchor character. I guess it really depends on who you’re teaming him up with.


Raven/Rufus=You Lose
654321… Game Over.

I seriously didn’t think they were that good together but, 95% of the cast can’t touch these two. Raven takes care of maybe 70% of the cast on point. and, oh just in case they aren’t getting zoned out by Stars + XU and fake XU teleports, ambiguous as fuck overhead/low game, and 500 + damage meterless combos, rufus is there to play clean up, pretty much killing anyone with less than half life with 1 combo.

Shit is fucked up son.




I agree. Seriously i don’t care about any of the cast except for raven, scariest mofo out of the entire cast


Choose Law your one meter combos doing 500+ damage



I’m liking Rufus/Cammy (Ok, let’s pretend for a second that I like this game, which I don’t.) but I might give raven a shot.


Atm i waited 2013 hit up and start playing again im Rolento loaylist but i main Rufus in AE so decided give him a try nice he got nerfed and stuff

So due divekick nerf he main not be a good point but instead an anchor? this is just ofc my opinion but Rolento/Rufus has very good synergy in my eyes atleast, was doing some lab work and found very neat corner and mid screen combos that had very nice reading 300-500

But some may like Rufy on point so wat are other points of view bout this?