Rufus ULTRA 2 vs Abel ULTRA 2

Tell me who has the better ultra and why? making a bet with my friend

Don’t know why this is in Vanilla section, but I say Abel U2

If you’re rufus then rufus’ is better if you’re abel then abel’s is better, it’s not like you can mix and match. They are pretty equal in regards to the characters though, both help with some bad match ups, but I’d say abel’s due to the startup.

Why is this in Vanilla section? Anyways, Rufus new ultra wins against Abel’s new one. Both have strong points, but Rufus wins out. Now, Abel, can take a hit that has no guard break property, can’t be thrown, and is unblockable and cancelable. However, Rufus can’t really be thrown during his ultra, his startup is invulnerable (so you have to wait a split second to hit him if you want to stop his typhoon), pulls people in which guard breaks, therefore shutting down Abel. There’s always a way out though in my opinion to get away from or interrupt that typhoon. Use Abel’s roll and get behind Rufus and punish him after he stops spinning_^) Oh, I can’t remember if Abel ultra 1 beats Rufus ultra 2, it might.