Rufus vs Balrog

Well this is my first thread, meaning this will definitely be a work in progress.
This thread right now is basically covering how to play against majority of the Balrog (Boxer) Army here in SoCal. However this isn’t necessarily biased, the information i’m going to be posting will show you how to dissect this particular match up.

Vs. Boxer
Let’s see exactly what Boxer has that can keep any Rufus player at bay:

  • Solid Anti-airs for divekicks
  • The speed and range of pokes both crouching and standing
  • TAP and headbutts to punish crossups
  • Dash punches
  • Jumping Fierce! (this move drives me crazy, I’m referring to CSB and John Rog here :rofl:)
  • HIS FIGHTING STANCE! (yes fighting stance, i will definitely explain why)

Before getting into this match up, there is one key trait you need going into this fight with Rufus…and that is PATIENCE. You can’t expect to rush him midscreen to the corner, or even on wake up because with a well timed ex headbutt (or even jab headbutt for cross-up purposes) you can most likely expect to be juggled by that ridiculous (but low damaging) ultra.

The Rufus Vs. Balrog(Boxer) Match-up is considered even, 5-5.

These are just a few tricks I use to fight against Boxers.

  • Spacing is key, at full screen you can build meter because sooner or later he will advance towards you with either a TAP or dash punch. If you can read a player’s pattern, jumping neutral roundhouse has decent range to stomp out those dash punches or TAP.

  • Learn the range of Divekicks, knowing exactly where they will whiff is key! Utilizing this can lead to a grab, chain launcher, knockdown, or just bait.

  • Crossing Boxer up is one of the most difficult things to do in SF4 with Rufus. At midscreen, on Boxer’s wakeup, a misplaced divekick can lead to Rufus taking major damage. The reason why is because of Boxer’s stance! However there are things to get around this that you can use to surprise your opponent. When training with Ken I, he showed me a trick against Boxer that has helped me a great deal against top ranked Boxers here in SoCal. That trick is the jumping forward mk. For example, after a forward grab with Rufus, as soon as the animation ends, dash forward twice and jump over Boxer for the cross up, and with precise timing the jumping mk should cross him up for a free launcher or fierce–fierce tornado–ultra.

  • With that said, you’re probably asking yourself, “Wait, Ultra after tornado? Did you mean in the corner only?” I don’t know if this is covered in other threads, i couldn’t find it so if someone can find it let me know and i’ll remove this information. Anyway, that being said with Boxer’s stance, it is VERY possible to connect an Ultra midscreen after a fierce or even strong tornado. This can also work against Vega (Claw) with easier timing.

That’s all the information I can put for now. If you’d like to contribute, please feel free!

I don’t think it’s that hard to cross-up balrog on wake-up is it? timing is the same as any other meaty cross-up dive kick, except this time you don’t snuff the reversal it just whiffs

jumping fwd mk into cross-up also works on rufus and (standing?) blanka, probly others too <-- you’re probly more susceptible to getting a headbutt up the azz if you do this I’d think

you can also fullscreen ultra zangief off a tornado (this is in the other threads)

do you have problems with dive kicking him from the front, due to his whiffy hitbox?

crossing up balrog sometimes whiffs, and apparently most boxer player were surprised by my cross up jumping mk. try it in training mode and see what i mean, you have to input the button slightly earlier than normal meaties.

i didn’t post the ultra on zangief cuz i thought it was a bit more obvious. but thanks

and no i don’t have problems but i’ve been studying alot at AI and Denjin tourneys, alot of Rufus’ whiff their divekicks and get punished. so i thought i’d enlighten other Rufus players as to why that is.

no worries, dude, all information is useful :slight_smile:

I think you need to aim for his gloves cos you can’t dive kick his knees, like the rest of the cast; there’s an invisible wall which seems to stop it connecting. barf

Cozeny, keep in mind that this dude is playing the best Balrog’s in the country not named Justin Wong. The Balrog’s online aren’t even close. My Rufus rapes Balrog online, but I have no doubt that the outcome would be different at Denjin or AI, where the Balrog Army(powered by Gootecks) trains.

yah I know; those arcades are srs business

This was pretty good info. I just have this habit of Dive kicking waist level, never thought to try his gloves.

With that said, I guess you would have to watch for a throw.

where exactly are your timing your jumps then divekicks if you’re aiming at his gloves?
lol i’d just look at em and divekick! haha >_<

but seriously i’m not saying DON’T whiff those divekicks, it can be crucial to mindgames if you’re the type that likes to pressure.

i mean off of wakeup opportunities you can block string with pokes and tri-jump dive kicks, but when ur opponents expect another divekick, what would happen if you INTENTIONALLY whiff one? the logic is just to bait :smiley: which is hilarious to me when i get CSB with it

dude as if Gootecks was scary enough, we have friggin Ronstoppable, John Rog, and Gamestop finalist CSB to worry about.

but yeah i’ve played gootecks a bunch of times, and my stats aginst him would probably be 1/5. but then again that was before i leveled up.

nah I’m not talking about intentionally whiffing the dive kicks in front of him but his wacky hitbox (similar to gief but you hardly ever dive kick him cos of lolariet obv) which makes the dks whiff when they don’t seem like they should; it’s no problem now, cos I know the spacing :slight_smile:

was a pita for the longest time tho

thats the general idea of what i was getting at.
you’re opponent would also think the same if they didn’t know the spacing.

Nice to see you posting here and contributing. This will help when I finally work up the guts to go to AI.

lol i HAD to, i mean every thread i went to felt like it was lacking match up experience.
almost everything i’ve read was based on videos OTHER people saw, and i asked them about it and the response i get is that they dont get to play as much…

so i figured i start posting matchups character by character.
im gonna post up one about sagat soon since i was testing out my theories just now at FFA.
(yeah i know, FFA has no competition but the guy i fought was rather close-ish)

have any contributions good sir?
ohh and btw where are you from, if you need a ride to AI PM me.

oh and btw NB2,
your avatar is sick. :smiley:
i need someone to help me get a better avatar than my P.O.S. mini-poster of cowboy bebop

I live about 20 minutes away from the Shuffle and Cut tourney. Getting a ride isn’t a problem, it is just finding the time :slight_smile: One day.

Justin Groton and I found out some random stuff about Balrog, I will have to pull out the notebook and see what I wrote down. I know one of them was Cr.FP beats out rush punches from a full screen away, but that never happens haha.

i got to see justin groton in action the other day lols pretty interesting.
but yeah the cr. fierce SHOULD punish that shit full screen but boxers know how to take advantage of it, i usually use it VERY sparingly like when i can sense the TAP. i cant risk dash punches though, even from full screen, jab dash punch works me over >_<

Once again I have some tidbit stuff to contribute.
-Crouching MP is your friend here, it can stuff (but mostly trades) with headbutts. Timing is crucial of course, but it is a viable option.
-As mentioned before his natural stance is very odd for divekicks, and just like Gief, you cannot do a triangle jump dive into combos on him. His feet are too far out of the way.
-Cr. jab can beat TAP’s.
- (Video backing up your claim on midscreen ultras, I think it might help out)

Puff, add me on Live! Not sure how the connection will be, but I’d like to do some Rufus mirrors, considering I’m the only Rufus I know :wgrin:

lol dammit how can i forget the most inportant anti air! GREAT contribution, i was in class while posting this thread so yeah. lol
this is a great weapon in rufus’ arsenal against boxers especially is they like to jump in with RH or Fierce. cr. strong beats it out CLEAN with the proper timing, which isnt difficult at all.

and for divekicks against gief, in the words of Ken I, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!"

cr. jab for TAPs, yeah that and cr. forward kick (mk)—sorry i use oldschool annotations.

as for that last sentence… let me know how you do against PuFF. i might add you as well once i know the outcome :nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:

-Another video showcasing whiffed divekicks. (just to back up your first post :woot:)

if you’re in a position to cr.MP a headbutt, wdn’t it be better to just wait and then st.HP xx HP tornado its recovery?

anyone know if cr.jab beats all of his rush punches? do it twice fast to beat his ex versions, give him some of his own jab medicine