Rufus vs Dhalsim



So I searched through the threads here looking for more information about the match-up with Dhalsim and haven’t seen anything outside of the barely helpful snippet in the general match-up thread.

This is probably one of my worst match-ups. Getting around Yoga Fire is problematic because you can’t Tornado through and any attempt to dive kick over gets poked. Anyone else have trouble against Dhalsim?

What are some good strategies to beat the yogi into a curry paste?


J.HK beats his J.HP as long as it’s timed right. Basically, find a way to counter his long-ranged pokes, and get in close. Once you have a knockdown, rush him down.

If he teleports in midair, be ready to block high, and then punish. If he does it while you’re neutral-jumping, HP is your friend… Hits to both sides.

J.HP has nice priority, and I’ve nailed a good few Dhalsims (though I don’t see’em often) with it. It has really nice reach. Get them to anticipate divekicks, and then go for a HP instead.

If you get the life lead and Sim gets out of your reach, don’t rush him down. Turtle and force him to come to you.


I agree with what T20thoughts said on the matchup.

To expand on his first point, once you score a knockdown, Sim has no answers to a meaty divekick/crossup/whatever except to teleport or use EX Yoga Blast (invul startup). You should always be pressuring him after you score a knockdown.

The only thing I would change is if you get a life lead, don’t let up on Dhalsim. Keep up the pressure, don’t give him a chance to get room otherwise he can setup his spacing to chip away or ultra to better effect at range.

My own advice is:
c.MP his j.FP if he uses that. You can sometimes roll under j.FP as well but it’s not always safe (psychic or spacing?)

Another important thing to learn is you need to get your spacing down and get close enough to normal messiah kick over his Yoga Fire. Ideally with enough EX to safe cancel and then proceed with the beatdown.

RH normal Messiah will not connect at his max c.FP distance you need to be slightly closer in order to get a successful hit.

If you have 3 bars and you absolutely have to get into Sim, you can do the EX Tornado, EX cancel trick to make up ground but you’re burning 3 EX for potentially 0 damage.

Finally, keep how much stun you have in mind. Eating a few limbs in a row can definitely build up alot of stun without seeming to lose alot of life. Stop for a moment and lose that stun before going back in. Getting stunned is not death in this matchup, but it will make coming back alot harder.


This particular trick has been winning matches for me:

Jump forward from outside Sim’s stand HP range, then dive kick into the zone just outside of Sim’s back+HK range.

This works because you’ll stuff or trade with most of his anti-airs that aren’t b+HK. Then once you’re at that distance, its rape time.


This is one of the only matchups where using a regular messiah kick is better than ex messiah. Since the fireballs are so slow you can actually hp.messiah from almost full screen to connect. With 2 bars and ultra thats gonna be half of his life easy. If you use the regular messiah too much Dhalsim will start to punish or not throw out many fireballs. At this point is your friend. It gets you in really fast and if he hits you it doesn’t blow you back a lot. Lastly don’t be afraid to take damage, this match is in Rufus’ favor and many Dhalsim’s out there hate it. Long story short, carefully get in and score a knock down. Once you do, lay the falcon kick smackdown on him.


Yoga fire is the easiest fireball to jump in on. If you jump early enough you can nail him with HP… even if you can’t combo off the HP, you still next to him which is what you want. You can also do a divekick at the crest of the jump. It will throw him off and he’ll often stick out the b.HK anti air too early, allowing you to get in.

Same thing works on the dictator. You do the divekick early/high in the air, the other player will often stick out dictators HK too early. Once you are in let the rape begin. Once you figure out how to do this effectively, you should never have trouble with those two matchups again.

Other general tactics… divekick beats his long range pokes, don’t be predictable, be patient. Once you are in, everythings in your favor. If you are facing a really good Sim who zones the shit out of you, don’t be discouraged, take the hits in stride because once you are in he is completely at your mercy.


your last statement is completely correct.
to be patient with the SIM game i wouldnt say to jump fierce after a yoga fire,
reason being is no sim will NOT catch on after being punished by a predictable yoga fire.

what i usually tell people at my arcade is to focus on the body and limbs not the fireballs.
for example, cr. strong beats sims st. forward kick if he tries to quick poke [and j. fierce].
Rufus’s overhead kick [f+mk] beats Sim’s st. fierce.

and whenever a sim tries to fireball setup, if they teleport too early, you can punish with st. fierce or jab whichever suits you.

but once you get SIM in the corner, consider it game over for him.


Make sre to mix up j.HP and the dive kick (as posted)