Rufus vs E. Honda



anyone have tips on fighting honda, I know i can punish his heavy headbut and focus his overheads but whenever i seem to rush him down all he has to do is jump and almost all his moves in the air counter mine, any tips or advice THnx.


Divekick spam the SHIT out of him when you get in, tick throw shenanigans are great too.


A good wakeup mixup is very important against honda, you don’t want him to get control over the match.
You really shouldn’t try to jump at him that much becaue his J.HP has a pretty sick priority and usually beats your attacks.

Headbutts usually can be punished or countered with divekicks if you time it correctly but basicly the wakeup game is your time to score and deal some damage.
Baiting a sumo splash on wakeup usually works very well too

If hes jumping all the time just throw some c.fp out


honda v rufus is a 6-4 in rufus’ favor. you shouldnt be having too much trouble with this fight

  • dive kick beats out every single one of hondas moves on the ground. it beats out all his headbutts and butt slams regardless of strength or whether it is ex’ed for free unless you do it really far away for some stupid reason. if you do that you deserve to get hit. and yes it even beats out his ex headbutt CLEAN. unless you hit him squarely on his head. that should be rather hard to do cuz his head is small and the rest of his body is much bigger

  • standing hp beats out ALL of hondas air moves clean. all his jump ins and it also beats out all his neutral jump moves (including neutral hp) assuming you arent too far away from him. if you are at the wrong range you will trade. learn this range. if you see him jump just stick out a hp. youll be surprised at how beastly this move is. honda has a floaty jump so shp beats him out of the air really well.

  • if you forget hp. cmp beats out ALL of hondas jump ins CLEAN. i have never seen this trade and if it has its so rare that i dont remember.

  • ex snake strike his jumps. if you can predict a jump or react to it quickly. if you are unsure of your execution then dont do this.

  • low attacks beach out all of hondas headbutts EXCEPT for ex. if he tries to do a headbutt in your face and you stick out a crlk or mk you will stuff it with a counter hit. this also works for other charge characters like dictator.

  • j hk beats all of hondas air moves clean if you are close to him. if you are close to him and he jumps to do a neutral hp or something, jump and immediately push hk. rufus hk comes out faster than almost all of hondas moves. i think he can trade with a jab/lk or it will trade if you do it too late but this is rare and even if it trades its in your favor cuz it knocks him down.

sorry for the poor punctuation.


My dives were getting beat clean by wakeup butt splashes vs. this one Honda. I remember I actually had to back up, and focus his wakeup butt splashes instead because of how badly they were beating my divekick. What was I doing wrong?


you aimed too far forward with the divekicks.

what’ll happen to me, is i’ll divekick, and the bitchass will wakeup jump back mk(?)

shit pisses me off


you probably dived at him AS he was getting up. honda has about 12 frames (?) of invincibility at the beginning of a butt splash so if you are diving towards him as he wakes up then it will get beat (because of the invincibility).

what is do is i JUMP (not dive) as hes waking up and dive when he is already standing.

a good tactic is to stay as close to hondas body as possible, then neutral jump and activate the dive kick at the peak of ur jump. this will allow you to cross him up but should not allow him to auto correct whatever move honda throws out.

-btw. crmp and s.hp beat out buttsplashes on the way down.

i wish i could make a video to show you but i dont know how haha. let me know if what i said was confusing


thnx to everyone for the advice, ima try all these things out the next time i play honda, i never had trouble before with the matchup, this should def. not be a matchup i should be worrying about thnx again for all the helpful tips.


triangle jumps all day. i just skimmed through the thread but a good technique is to cross honda up on wake-up with dive kicks similar to how u would cross up ken or ryu to avoid getting dped. be patient and wait for an oppurtunity to score a knockdown, then once u do the match should pretty much be over.


as a honda player, i should say completely that abuse honda’s fact that he is a charge character so much. Honda with no charge = one unhappy sumo.

Throw out the occasional ex messiah and catch him when he is crouching. Will connect a lot more than you think if you’re smart about when to use it.

Repeated crossup dive kicks make hondas head spin on wakeup and he will try stupid things like buttsplash, which you can easily counter if not stuffed already.

non cross up repeated dive kicks (more than 3 or 4) are not recommended against good players. Mix them up by following with>tornado after a couple. Honda will be blocking high and waiting for a gap in your divekicks so he can ex headbutt. EX buttsplash would work so much better but honda will be getting hit by your dive kicks so its very highly unlikely he will be charging low, so abuse the fact he is blocking high. The main chunk of your damage should come from this setup. Honda blocks high whilst any where near the corner, you cr.whatever into tornado, push him into the corner and hit ultra if you have it.

snake strike is amazing for wakeups on non crossup jumpins. Especially ex.

Try not to jump to start your offense, even with a divekick unless crossing up. Yes, hondas normals can be beat by yours, however buttslam or ex buttslam can take you out of the air quite swiftly if you’re being predictable or slightly early. Use df+mk to get in and start the triangle jumps instead.

Cant think of any more now!


Why would Honda block high? Dive kicks can be blocked low, and you can charge for head butt and ButtSlam at the same time with blocking low. Block low all day. The only usefulness to blocing high is to gain some fram advantage IF the rufus does a high dive kick to allow you to grab or command grab, but if the Rufus simply dive kicks again he will get you whiffing your grab, so block low and ex headbutt or ex butt slam when you see the window.


good hondas will be blocking high as good rufus’ will be crossing over>target combo>ultra if he ducks.


This matchup is def. in Rufus’ favor and all you need to do is divekick spam like a faggot and take advantage of Rufus’ retardedly long combo strings.