Rufus vs Oni



Hello fellow Rufus players, I’ve been on Xbox Live and training mode and I discovered that Oni is no Slouch at all.

Patience and good reads are extremely vital in the Oni match from what I observed. Oni has plenty of great anti air games and many offensive and defensive options to shut off dive kick pressure and shenanigans. So if you’re fighting a Oni of any level, remember to be patience and play it safe. This is my personal material on this match-up so take my info with a grain of salt if you wish.


  1. Oni’s HK and EX Demon Slash are punishable on block if you can predict it, so punish with or cr. jab xx ex gt, St.Hp to GT (if you’re quick enough) or an Ultra if you have it.
  2. His air Raging Demon can be knocked out of the air with J.HK or Neutral J.HK, but you have to bait Oni into thinking you’re going to go for a dive kick from a certain distance. It’s risky but doable.
  3. Focus attack is Chop Slam if you can predict it. Remember Ex Chop Slam hits twice so exercise caution.
  4. If you can predict a fireball, jump in and punish accordingly.

What to Look Out For:

  1. His forward HK is one of his annoying great anti air tools other than his Shoryuken so be careful when getting in on him.
  2. Oni can shut out your dive kick game if you’re predictable. His Chop slam is can knock you out of it because it comes out too fast.
  3. Ex Messiah goes other Oni when he’s using his HK or EX Demon Slash, so be careful when utilizing it.
  4. His Ultra 1 & 2 are deadly anti air tools other than his air Raging Demon.
    []If he has Ultra 1 stocked be careful! Because his anti air and air fire ball ultra can greatly damage you if you’re careless with your jump ins or dive kick pressure.
    ]His second Ultra can get a full animation or hit if out of the air with moderate health if you use your dive kicks carelessly. So like Ultra 1 be careful when you’re doing jump ins or putting on pressure.


Good stuff, thanks for the info. Most of the Onis I’ve faced online so far obviously have no clue what they’re doing, so I haven’t had to work too hard to beat them. But I can see him being a tough match up in the future.


Yeah, as the above poster said most Oni’s that I’ve played haven’t been to strong. I myself have been playing with Oni on the side for the hell of it. I will post up more info if I come across anything new. :smiley: