Rufus vs Sagat (Haaaaalp)


I’m finding this match-up really really hard. And it doesn’t help that the only Sagat player in my area doesn’t like to show up to the local meets. So I ask you guys this:

Is anyone willing to help me with this match-up. I’m not really looking for any amazing Sagat player, but the better the player, the better I’m off obviously. If anyone wants to run a few sets with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

My information is on the bottom, and my location is in Houston, Texas for those that worry about lag issues. Send me a PM here or on XBL, or a reply to this thread lol.

Going to texas bar fights this weekend??? I will be there. If so I would be more than willing to run some casuals.

Unfortunately no, do you have XBL?

Yea but I don’t play online like I used to. Xbl sm4llp0xbl3nk3t

be a wall

The tiger obstacle course is a tough one.

Of the numerous characters in the game that have dive kick options I’m surprised Rufus is the one your asking about he is not that bad

It’s not THAT bad. But I still need the practice.

Anyone out there wanna help?

I’ll play you. I’ve been looking for someone to practice this match with. Will you be on tonight?
My XBL is averageHB. Send me an invite.

I was so confused! I thought you were a Sagat player having trouble with Rufus and I was like :eek:.

This match up is in sagat’s favor. Just zone him out. you can often do down lk on his wake up and if rufus wake up EX, just netural Jump and its free ultra

What do you mean by “just netural Jump and its free ultra”?

Rufus Ex kick on their wake up like people doing dp on their wake up, just jump up on their wake up and they will go other way, land and INSTANTLY ultra 1 them. It is free ultra

good point, but it won’t work if they read you and do ex snake strike.

well, everything you do is always at risk. Its just like im saying to jump in when they throw a fireball and theres argument stating they will fake it, have an early read and dp you. Im only giving the options here not to choose whats good and whats not.

Also, if you think they will ex snake you, just go back to the usual down lk. The ex and non ex snake will hit the air and come back down to the floor and its free lk, lk, lp, dp

This would be 50 / 50. More than a 50 because people often tend to block and your not getting hit and applying pressure.

At times, you can option sellect your down lk while holding block while you press it, if they do ex kick, you will block it. This match up will always be in sagat’s favor

my my peter, hasnt improved much since i left have you? let me give you some tips vs rufus.

on rufus’ wake up, you can always do standing jab, into fireball as a poke string. rufus’ ex messiah kick will never hit sagat’s st.jab if you do it properly, and you can block the entire ex messiah and do late lp uppercut to punish.

Maybe I’m reading this backwards, but I’m pretty sure he’s asking how to beat Sagat as Rufus…

the best way to win in a sagat vs rufus match is not only you have to do good zoning, but you have to pay attention to fast/slow fireballs where rufus might try to neutral jump, if he might land on one of the slow fireballs he would dive kick, that is the time when you can kara hk ex tiger knee to catch him in the air, push him to the corner to continue zoning.

when he’s up close, pay attention to missed ex spin where you can punish with uppercut fadc ultra if you have fast reaction, when he sucks you in you have enough time to uppercut and punish him. another good way to counter rufus when he gets in is you can do to tech throw, or hit him out of his next dive kicks with

you should use st.rh and sparingly because rufus can always beat st.rh clean with, so is a good way to keep him out and also counter that move. throwing out st.rh is good to catch his fat body from jumping or moving in on you…so its pretty safe to say this match up is at least 6-4 sagat’s favor.