Rufus vs Zangief

Yeah I know a lot about the matchup but Ive seen some players use St.Strong and st.forward to counter poke Gief could someone explain me exactly how its used

when u see zangief inching in with standing strong which is one of his best pokes along with standing jab, just time your st. strong or if you have more range, use st. mk.

all you hafta do is just outpoke him. [timing wise]

St. Fierce will beat Zangiefs lariat if you’re at the right distance and as long as it hits him after the first rotational spin.

you can also use cr. fierce if ur opponent decides to move away while doing the PPP lariat. but you hafta do it towards the end of the lariat.

oh and ex viper strike his jump ins.

Snake strike, but yes. Also you can always go EX snake strike -> Ultra, which is ridiculously powerful.

Never divekick on him. He can backdash-SPD those on reaction. Rotating through pokes at the right distances is all you’ve really got in this match. St. mk, cr. hp, cr. rh, st. hp, all good tools at their respective ranges. The only time I ever see Rufus deal good damage on Gief is Ex-Snake Strike, so you’ll probably want to look for those opportunities when they present themselves. I hate this match up though :sad:

It’s one of my favourite matches actually.

Stuffing all his jump in attampts and lariats are funny… Until he lands an empty short-jump into Ultra on you…


Usually this match up is a walk in the park if you can force the gief into predictable jump patterns. Problem I’ve been running into with a few particular giefs are the ones that simply will not jump except on their wake up game.

i describe your words in a way else…

“usaly beating a stupid player is easy but the clever ones are hard”… LOL this counts for everything…

A lot of Giefs catch me with his short jump. It’s -just- short enough for me to miss my HP, and he lands and gets a free FAB. Of course, if you see it coming you can flipper kick him into Ultra, though.

Yeah, I don’t particularly like this match up. Need to work too hard just to keep him out, and he can eat you alive with one mistake. You have to be careful with throwing out the EX Jesus kick on wake up too, because if he predicts it, he can just neutral jump and SPD you for free.

This is why I almost never do ground-to-air attacks against a jumping Zangief anymore. EX Snake Strike that shit. I used to think this was a bad match for Rufus but if you get really seasoned against Zangief players you can turn it into a 5-5 match against people in your skill level and 6-4 against people worse than you.

the best anti air to gief is ex snake strike, gief can beat all of rufus anti airs, standing fierce is a really bad anti air on gief because it whiffs alot, better to use it if he does green hand and it whiffs, a better anti air is jump roundhouse not the double kick but the side kick

this match up is so ass i hate this shit i just wanna counter pick when i fight against gief add me on xbl we could discuss tht match up & or more add me on xbl at SoO AmaZYN