Rugal Comparison 98dream match ver. and his latest Snk2 ver


I been fan of Rugal. I play main him everytime he is incarnated with each passing fighting game he in. As you go through each game you notice changes within the character you main. With rugal its unfortunate hes not in more games as a balanced playable character than just a over powered boss like in 98 or 2002. In my opinion its better for rugal to be playable and balance part of the regular cast. He is interesting to play as in dream match 98 Snk 2 and Svc. Dream match 98 dreamcast was my first time playing as him. I perfer the non omega ver. because hes more interesting as human not a op omega boss. Plus he playable not op omega. Which version to all rugal mains do you perfer. The 98 dream match or snk or snk2/non omega versions. For me its snk2. His voice actor is similiar his 98 kof voice which is better in my opinion than his 2002 voice. His sp. moves look more impressive in snk2. His appearance i like better cause he just looks more powerful and refined with the coat. The only draw back is his sp.moves were more potent in his own game. kaiser wave 98 was way stronger that it cancels out strength of that omega rugals 98 projectile dead even. lp kaiser wave 98 came out faster but travel more slowly. It didnt matter cause no regular projectile could match it. His reppuken came faster and travels quicker. His reflector came out quicker and had a larger hit range that some jump attacks would be stop by it in 98. One exception is his god press is better in snk2 for when it ends on hit it just ends. In 98 god press is ended with a uncontrollable back dash that will ruin your cornering options. Get This his 98 hk genocide actually worked as a reliable dp. While lk genocide cutter was intended hassle grounded opponents cause his recovered so fast and usually beat other grounded normals. In snk2 genocide cutter was just a combo ender where god press was to far reach. 98 rugal spin was very useful as you can easily punish projectiles. Sorry for the very long but needed explanation of differences. Normals very different so who had better normals is hard to value. So again to all rugal mains. Which rugal do perfer in the non omega op versions.