Rugal in the air

now, normally you don’t want to jump with Rugal, but when the situation demands otherwise, here’s what his air moves can do, some situations to use them, and why to use them for specific things…


this is rugal’s stick out and stay out for a long time air move. while it’s not nessisarily damaging, it can beat certain out certain moves, such as most of blanka’s stuff in the air.
use for pressure or to beat out those certain moves.

this is rugal’s crossup. it’s kind of hard to land, but if you can manage, by all means, use it.


Rugal’s jumping roundhouse is one of the better air to ground moves against things you don’t need to worry about being obvious about (cuz this move is really damn obvious). it’s also good air to air against characters with slow or low jumps (such as yamazaki), or if you’re above them already (you stick this out when you’re almost above m.bison and if he tries to j.roundhouse you, you’ll probably beat it out). it’s useful for meatys and mixing up with air dark smashes.


this is rugal’s best air to air move. if you’re meeting someone in the air, chances are if you time this right you’ll beat out most of what they stick out. it also allows rugal to completely stomp vega. it beats out all of his air moves, inculding the barcelona drop/throw both normal and supers. it’s very picky for timing though, and is only out for a short period of time.

air dark smash

not exactly safe, but fairly decent pressure move. useful for controlling your drop (like pausing just long enough for that shoryuken to finish, etc.) don’t pull out to often, and aim for the feet of your opponent. also useful vs fireball nuts, because it can eat one and keep going (well known, but worth mentioning anyway.) use the fierce version for stalling before landing (avoiding said AAs and supers) and the jab version for almost everything else (it’s quicker, and therefore slightly safer)

if you’re going to jump with rugal, try to make sure you have a good idea how to deal with whatever your opponent is pulling out, because otherwise rugal will be a sitting duck.

(i’m hoping someone has something else to mention about rugal in the air, cuz i suck at explaining stuff)

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anyway here’s my take on an airborne Rugal…


Rugals jump is slow and high, youll be easily telegraphed if you jump in carelessly. But just for varieties sake this section will help you if you feel like jumping in from out of the blue and even for instances of you having pressed the lever up accidentally. So far the air attack with the best Priority is his jumping Short (LK), though the range is poor, it wins almost against every air attack that doesnt have as high as a priority in and Air to Air game. Jumping Fierce (HP) is only good as a deep jump-in, or if you plan to swat a sudden air retaliation while at the peek of your jump (Bisons do this a lot). Aerial Roundhouse (HK) is strictly for Air-to-Ground, as its priority works that way, the only thing you have to worry about is its start-up which makes other air to air attacks stuff it, while it stuffs a handful or ground based normal attacks, this is the opposite of what his jumping Fierce works best at. Jumping Forward is his Cross-up though there arent any proper tools to set this up almost as much as it is insignificant for Rugal to be jumping all the time. The other un-noted air attacks are insignificant because all the listed pretty, much does the job done.