(Rugal N~GROOVE thread)

Anyone, pls help me. I’m trying to use Rugal in N-groove. Just wanna know what moves can be done with this groove, and also, can I alpha cancel with Rugal then lvl3 Giganic Pressure? Will this link up? Thanks!

No, you can’t Alpha Counter and follow up with a Lv.3 super right after. No character can. That would suck fat cock and take away all purpose of rushing you down.

You can do a Counter Movement and get them with something before they recover from a move, though. A good example of when to use Counter Movement is when scrub Sakuras blindly activate their Custom Combos and go for a gaurd crush (with repeated DPs). That’s the only thing Rugal truly can do exclusively in N-Groove. I mean, no shit, CM’s the ONLY thing N has that other grooves do not, but it also has the most mobility.

As far as combos go, he can land a Lv.1 Genocide Heaven after a Lv.3 Gigantic Pressure, but that’s about it. It’s pretty damaging though. If you can set it up properly (from a jump-in fierce/roundhouse, crossup, etc.) it can take off about 90% of your opponent’s life or more.

Basically, just learn all of N-Groove’s features (especially low jump) and try not to be predictable. Rugal’s throw range is very good, so use it to deal with turtlers (I don’t care if you think throws are gay, they’re integral to CvS2 so just do it). If they’re teching your throws, try to find more ways to get them to block and keep at it. You can start with his fireball. It’s a good tool to use for pressuring people in the corner, it’s safe, and it leaves you with quite a few options to follow up with.

And if you got all your stocks built up, but you’re not sure if you can land a super, just break a stock anyway. That way, you do more damage, take less, and you psyche people out because then they’ll be more cautious with you.


Bison - Alpha Counter>lvl 3 Psycho Crusher

Check it out… And if you’re wondering how? N-Groove 3 dots/bars, activated, then alpha counter leaves you with one dot/bar left and you can lvl 3 with it.

Raiden can alpha counter, L3 flame breath.
If Chun-li has her opponent cornered, alpha counter, L3 puffball.

That said, you want combos?

(crossup j.forward), c.short x2/3, L3 wallslam super.
(crossup j.forward), close s.forward XX fierce wall slam.
c.jab, s.fierce XX fierce wall slam. Doesn’t hit a lot of crouching people.
c.RH XX kick super

Any wallslam or wallslam super can be followed up with a kick super.

Mindless rushdown, blindly activating… Man, I’m not a scrub and/or being random. I’m being PSYCHIC!!!

Oh shit! My bad. :sweat: Still, Rugal can’t do it.

I know about those other combos too. I thought he just wanted his “N-exclusive” one (well, not really exclusive). But yeah, they’re all good. You can’t always go for the most damaging ones, but less damage is always worth the effort in most situations. :slight_smile:

This hits Blanka, Sagat, and Bison. Just pointing out.