Rugal stuff



Yeah… for some reason I felt inclined to fuck around with him again. I played him in C Groove like when CvS2 first came out… Yeah anyway

stand fierce
crouch fierce


I separated those because the first two, while good, whiff on tiny chars.

stand mp
stand rh
Genocide Cutter… ha just kidding

General Combos:
cross up mk -> x3 -> DP+k
cross up mk -> -> c.lp -> (unless you end with a grab super there’ll be a hole from pushback) -> anything
sweep XX kick super
wall grab, kick super
Air flying down thing, kick super
wall grab super, kick super
second combo + wall grab super

air to air:
jump up fp - like pimp slap.

short jump rh = scary.

good pressure string do second combo into fierce Reppuken, follow it with a stand rh.

Tigerknee max range ADS. Pimp. Tricky though.

Do not RC wall grab all the fucking time. It’s like Beyonce’s ass. Everyone is looking for it.

yeah i’m too blunted fuck it i’ll finish on this crappy character later


Why does anyone still play with him? Unless hes on K-Groove, he suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


actually i was using him in K


we already have a lot of posts on Rugal, and some of your information is incorrect or crappy…


For instance?


Pokes: Standing short., crounching mp.

That combo with his genocide cutter only conects on big ops. anyone else it doesnt work unless its x2


Crouch mp has no range. While the priority on it is debatable and I haven’t tested it alone, I know that if you are playing against someone who doesn’t have a ridiculous hitbox with thier cross up, you can as a “kind of” anti-air because somehow it lessens the area that Rugal can be hit with the cross up.

cross up mk -> x3 -> DP+k works on just about everyone that’s top tier. If you’re unsure about it, you end it with a roundhouse DP and it’ll always connect because of the added horizontal range. But if you just really wanted to be safe x2 -> DP always works, since you have to be right in thier face for three’s to connect into a DP.


Oh yeah, stand fp doesn’t whiff. Whoops. Ha that’s what I get for posting blunted. I didn’t even notice I wrote that.


haha, i started using rugal last week, then i came here and read your first post… it looks exactly like what I would have posted had I started a rugal thread… He’s pretty damn limited…
oh yeah, my bnb combo when i have k groove or any groove that stocks level 3 supers is cross up forward, low short x 3, wall grab

easiest way to combo that…

kinda like with rock… easier to do short short then short forward


Gave up on this character a LONG time ago… as the Japanese and Blacknoah says, he’s lower-bottom Tier in any groove.


Why would you start a Rugal thread, then, if he’s crappy?


Simple, I jut thought he was good bck then, then he became average, now he’s so crappy that questionable Tiers like Benimaru and Yuri can easily manhandle him.

CvS1 Rugal was a little better in the end, even if he was drastically limited too…

But in fairness this Rugal isn’t as bad as KOF 98’ Rugal (now THAT’S bottom-tier)

PS… Superman Beat Thor

PSS… 98 Rugal was REALLY crappy

PSSS… Superman STILL beat Thor!!.


That was directed to MB. But although I don’t agree he is in the slightest, he does > '98 Rugal.


I made a King thread too. What’s your point? I can’t make threads about shitty characters if I don’t feel like it?

btw crossup mk -> -> c.lp -> XX Level 3 Gigantic Pressure does like 10000 damage in K. l33t


I dont think Rugal sucks…


I think Rugal is a decent character. I still don’t understand why people still obsess about tiers…


Why does he suck? he seems decent…


I like him. He doesn’t have the super weapons that the top characters have, but he’s definitely usable if u play smart!

I use him in A and N groove.


Buktooth’s Rugal in C or N is still better than most people’s Sagat.

Rugal doesn’t overly suck… you just have to know his intricacies.


i usually find myself zoning with him using Dark smash Kaiser wave and the sorry behind genocide cutter


Go to Japan and find out why (he sucks), or at least play at any tourney where you have RC’s and the domintors (Valle, Choi, etc.) in insanely high levels.

At least the Top10 evolution(or correct me if i’m wrong) player(no. 10) still has a Kyosuke in there, Rugal is nowehere to be found (I still think he’s slightly better than Kyosuke though).

PS: Oh yeah Superman beat Thor :smiley: