Rugal Vids

Does anyone know about any Rugal vids? i’ve never seen any pro use Rugal and i wanna see him in action.

no pro in the right mind uses tourney rugal (except me haha)

I think these matches are really old, but that’s the most decent rugal on video I’ve ever seen, frankly, mine probably still is better, even though I haven’t played for almost a year now

I saw some other japanese rugals, they random sj hk all over the place and spam RC godpress and reflectors, I felt my brain cells commit mass suicide watching them

if you’re gonna use rugal seriously, you gotta realize and accept that he’s mid middle tier at best, and you’re gonna have to do 5x the work to just keep up with a top tier character, and at least 2x to beat a upper mid tier

took me about a year of using rugal before I could safely put him at R2 and win consistently against upper mid level comp (ie outside of US top 10)

the rustastic rugal is mine, ignore the N groove match, I was laughing too hard from my hail hitler jokes to focus

he may be pretty rusty, but you should be able to pick up some stuff up from that, the only really veteran move I made that stuck out was I c mp his blanka’s c hp at the end of his guard string

c mp = magic mid poke stopper

those vids not working for me :frowning:

I don’t remember our last discussion over Rugal too well, but would you say perhaps his best groove is N?

IIRC he does the most damage in either N or S grooves (though he sucks in S so forget that) he gets to keep his RC Godpress and reflector and has his low jump coffin kick xx whatever-u-want. No need to airblock really IMO since he doesn’t have an airthrow, though you could argue airblocking for fighting RC happy A-Blankas perhaps (never liked airblock in the first place)

argh, I told that fool not to use filefront! I’ll try to get him to upload them elsewhere maybe…

he does the most damage in C groove by far (12k+, starting with lp repuken, practical 7800 with 2 levels at any time, 10k off godpress), I’d rank N groove as his 3rd best, after C and P, cuz of this
-he has the best dash in the game and only an average run
-N offers him very little defensive options
-stock break is barely stronger than sitting on a level 3 in C
-stock break duration is REALLY short, which forces you to play GC Rugal
-because of the above, he’s very risky as an anchor, and as I’ve said, putting him as a R1 puts him at very high risk to fight his worst matchups, and Rugal can not GC sagat
-Rugal is pretty useless without at least a level 2 ready, his level 1 has serious problems comboing off light kicks, forcing you to use genocide heaven, which isn’t that strong, and the last hit whiffs off 3 lks in most situations

C only gives rugal RC and chicken block, but him being able to do that level 2 cancel guarantees a 10k combo off any godpress and 7800 using 2 levels off light kicks, he keeps the nice 15% damage bonus for eons, since Rugal is mister sit on a level 3, while he may lose his overhead capabilities, his fast dash for throw/c lk mixups is still pretty good for pressure

P lets Rugal anti air with parry -> c mk -> godpress for obscene damage and corner, gives him the most mobility (Rugal doesn’t have very dangerous RCs anyways, godpress and repuken are too slow, and RC reflector’s use is limited to wakeup games, and his roll is pretty sucky normally), let’s him punish far pokes with st mk super, where he would be helpless otherwise (at best, he could RC a repuken and punish them with 100 chip…yay), with a level 3 always ready he’ll have an easy time hitting low jump hk -> super, the downside to P rugal of course, is that he only gets to do use his super once, and after that his threat is dramatically lessened and can be rushed down with no answers

N rugal goes here for storable supers, good mobility and RC

next is K Rugal, cuz rage makes his obscene strength even more obscene, and unlike stock break, it lasts well long enough for you to hit the super

then comes A Rugal, he sucks cuz he lost his main attraction: his obscene damage supers, with only an average custom set up off godpress, you’re much better off doing the exact same thing in C and hitting the 10k instead of an 8k custom (c lk x3 -> level 3 is already more than 8k…)

then S Rugal, just cuz S groove is gay

the above may be biased, since I’ve only played C/K/N Rugals, and played around with P Rugal for maybe 2 matches in my life ever, I base P Rugal stuff mostly off namameso and theoretical thinking

plus I hate A groove

and S is just gay

RC godpress…generally I don’t like it, it’s either random or really hard, RC hcb between links is just too hard to do, and doing it randomly will get you killed more often than not, it’s too slow to use to punish projectiles, so really, all it’s gonna do is let you answer RC headbutts with 10k

for anti-air, I don’t like it for the same reasons I don’t like anti-airing with his level 3, it hits so friggin low, the only thing you can consistently anti air with it is like a sagat low jump hk (granted, that’s pretty good), but parry offers the same potential for less risk and less damage, I prefer stability over high risk high potential

off his low jump, only genocide cutter and genocide heaven will combo consistently, unfortunately

off a deeper one he can level 3 grab it, but normal grab just has too much startup, and if you’re doing it that deep for it to combo, it’s not a good overhead, nor does it give you the neccessary time to hit confirm

his level 1 is barely faster than his normal godpress, so forget that

oops, my bad, level 3 C groove only grants 5% damage boost

I still say N’s stock break damage boost sucks at 20%, if only because the duration is so short

C-Rugal gets 10K with lvl 2’s off any Godpress?
Sounds good, all you need is that d.MK right?

A-Rugal can get 10K or more but you’re right that it would take a crossup first and that would be hard to get against good players since he has minimal ways of setting one up, end result would be 8K.

Good points, I don’t recall the damage done in N-Groove, but I thought at least the most I’ve ever done was 13K. I may be mistaken I’ll double check.
I know it’s more than K though.

the strongest possible N groove combo would be something like…

activate -> lp repuken -> j hk -> c lk c lp c mp -> level 3 -> level 1

it should be more or less the same damage as his C 12k+ combo, except slightly harder to setup and uses up a lot more precious meter

C rugal can also get about 9k off a hit reflector, N can’t

sides, by the time you set them up for a combo like that, the combo would probably overkill them anyways

Yeah but, that’s the best part!

but it looks more dramatic to finish them off with the last hit of the combo! =P

btw gum, I just checked, the videos work fine, try again