Rugal's A-Groove combo Factor

Continued from the C-groove combo factor

A Groove combo factor

A groove builds up only two level 1 meters. It builds up slower than the C-groove level 1, but the point is you can do almost as much damage as most level 3s with a CC for the price of building only two bars. The only difference is that during a CC you have a tendency to mess up, but if you know how to moderate, then A-Rugal is very very good.

*Once you get a full bar

The opponent knows that youre obviously aiming to land a CC, so its better to surprise them occasionally, spending a level 1 every now and then, since Rugal can do good damage even for 1 level.

**Using level 1 supers sparingly: remember that once you get a full CC bar filled and you havent activated, you are enabled to use 2 level 1 supers as well. Since Rugal can whip up some nasty damage at level 1 which tends for the opponent to shift tactics, you can use any means of confusion to open them up for other nastier things. If you have spent a level 1 super from a full bar, remember that you only need to build up just a level 1 to have it filled again. With Rugals massive utility of level 1 supers youll never be labeled one dimensional. Though of course the author doesnt recommend spending your two supers after the other, just use one, build up a little, and only use one if youre close to an access to another level 1. Make it a steady rhythm of your supers usage for the meters utility outside of CCs yet. Things like the level 1 gigatech pressure into the genocide heaven are a no no unless its enough to kill what small amount of life they have. Otherwise you could have used the entire meter for something cooler (the CC) or just use one meter so youll still have one left to support the foundation that you only need to build one more.

**Using the custom combo: The ways to set up anyones custom combos is pretty much general knowledge, otherwise the safest bet would be on an opening. The set-up of Rugals CC however is the same as the set-up for his genocide heaven juggles, the godpress, after Rugal thuds his opponent to the wall, activate the CC. Heck you can even activate the CC first then do a bufferable move into the godpress.

***Rugals custom combo notes

Rugal may not have a midscreen CC (on normal terms), a guard crusg CC, a mid-screen juggle CC, but the godpress sets it up so that you wont almost need to have all of that. Since the godpress always takes them to the corner, that almost always says it for any mid screen and ground CC, the damage he does makes up for any loss of a chipping life CC and a guardcrush CC. the basic concept after the godpress is to juggle them in the corner, use the best normals that does the most damage.

The basic things you can juggle with the CC that has the highest damage potentials are

Standing Roundhouse (HK) x n
Jumping Fierce/ Jumping Roundhouses x n (or alternating)
Fierce godpresses x n

Since I have stated that the distance of Rugal to the opposite screen when the godpress connects affects how far you get pushed back, you need to do something to get-in close or push the button fast enough to juggle them as you are getting pushed back. When this happens you would have to jump forward then press Fierce/Roundhouse so youll opo them up again and land in closer range for a more comfortable juggling scheme, otherwise if you dont get pushed too far back, then Juggle with your hearts content.

You can almost interchange any of those three juggling methods into another, exceptions would have to be his standing roundhouse x n juggles which you cannot switch into his repreated jumping Fierce/Roundhouses since you cannot cancel the animation of the last phases of the standing HK into a jump but you can with a special kove like the HP godpress.

And finally when the CC timer is about to run out tack on a gigatech pressure as his super finisher instead of the genocide heaven, because youll get full damage with the gigatech pressure.

And last but not least is his anti-air CC, the concept here is to wait until your opponent is too deep then activate, upon activation do a genocide cutter but cancel it while Rugal is till on a ground to either a godpress (preferably fierce) or a fierce punch buffered into a godpress to take them to the wall and do the aforementioned juggle processes. The author listed this last because the anti-air start-up method is not practical, it requires practice. Hence as I said Rugal is for someone with a good execution and good reaction time.

The combination of his custom combo potential plus his overall effectiveness with level 1 supers make A-Rugal a master of annihilation himself. The small invincibility frame rate would be enough to cover up some of Rugals weaknesses into his advantages.

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WTF??? Why would you use a Level 1 super when you have a full A-Groove meter??

Here’s what I use:

c.HK / DP+LK, s.HK, HCB+HP, Jump, s.HK, s.HK, Jump, s.HK, s.HK, s.HP, HCB+HP*N, QCFHCB+P

I use the c.HK startup on the ground, and the Genocide Cutter startup as anti-air. It’s a midscreen CC.

Did I state that… sorry about that… are you sure it’s practical to do an AA GC CC midscreen combo… I mean what if he bounces off too far away to the point a cancelled godpress from the First hit of the still-grounded GC with the CC’s initial invulnerability…?? it’ll be a waste.

does realtively safe barrages of standing fierces work as a guard crush cc, you godpress if you get pushed a little, then cancel the recovery with another flurry of standing Fierces??

Activating the CC before landing the God Press is a waste of meter. The further you are from the corner, the more meter it takes for the God Press to send them there. Why do that when you can just RC the God Press and save meter for more juggles? It works well enough as a mid-screen or anti-air custom, and you still capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes this way. And if your opponent’s expecting you to RC, you can just resort to buffering the God Press from a poke.

Other than stopping close jump-ins, which you could easily take care of with a standing strong or rolling and countering, activating the CC first is the last thing you want to do.

Yes, you can. You just need to whiff a jab or short to break the recovery on the standing roundhouse. It’s not very practical to do anyway since you could be doing his most damaging juggle instead:

[j.fierce x4]x4, Fierce God Press xx Gigantic Pressure

  • 10240

If you’re too far away to land the first set of fierces after the God Press, just jump in with j.roundhouse x2, j.fierce and go from there.

As safe as it is, it doesn’t do enough guard damage. GC CCs is unfortunately what Rugal’s lacking in A-Groove.

I personally think Lv.1s should be kept to a minimum, but he does have a point there. You should be as unpredictable with Rugal as you possibly can and you’re not always going to have an opportunity to land a CC. I do that sometimes, like when I’m facing people good at mind games and predicting RCs, or when they’re too badly hurt to withstand a Lv.1 and there’s no need to use a CC. Basically, it helps to use some meter and conserve the rest if you can do enough damage to one character on your own without a CC, and Rugal CAN be a bitch to fight against if you can alternate between aggressive and defensive play.


Surprisingly the best wayt to do damage is

This wil get up in the 9 000’s if you can manage to combo it from a god press or juggle (which is fairly difficult, but I’m a n00b, so you may have more luck with it than I ).:lol:


The only good thing I see about this combo is that its easier to connect each hit together.

It’s still not as damaging as:

c.forward XX HCB+FP, activate CC, [j.fierce x4]x4, HCB+FP xx QCF, HCB+FP

This does over 10000. That’s close to 90% damage on even ratios, except in the case of R4 vs. R4 where it does at least 60%. If you manage to jump in first with roundhouse to start the combo, then you’d probably do at least 11000-12000, depending on the vitality of the character you’re doing it to.

This is one of the better ways to start the combo. I also compared the RC God Press to a mid-screen startup CC and I only land 18 hits and less damage with a mid-screen CC, but with the RC God Press(which is unexpected if not abused) is the best.

Simple cc:

Jump in HK, s.FP, fierce god press, activate, god presses x9, grab super. Damage is 10240. Why do anything else?

Because God Presses eat up valuable time and damaging hits. Jumping fierces are more damaging and faster.

I know j.rh’s do more than j.hp’s… but they are way slower and harder to connect with. I don’t think you can do as many?

Is doing fierces more damaging? I know it’s a lot easier (it’s the one I do :)) Or perhaps a mix between the 2?

What are some good things to do if your CC is blocked?