Rugal's C-Groove combo Factor



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C-Groove builds the fastest meters for a level 1. As Rugal is constantly and consistently zoning he should have access to alevel 1 super in almost no time. Rugal can work with every availability of the super and can dish out some mean damage with each.

*Level 1: You’ll have a level 1 most of the time at all, build them up carefully while zoning them. once you gain this, you can immediately make use of using this via his bread and butter combos above. A Gigatech pressure however is not advisable as a level 1 super.

**Options: instant access to his level 1 B&Bs

*Level 2: Rugal option’s will skyrocket far off once he has a level 2, you have access to two level 1’s, you have a diagonal arced anti-air Gigatch pressure when the timing’s right, you can finally use it to combo off of your moves (preferably the LK’s too) and most of all, you can cancel it.


Level 2 cancelling Gigatch Pressure: The move you can use to cancel from the Level 2 pressure is the fierce godpress which would almost be as much damage as a C-Groove Level 3. A level 2 Gigatech pressure amounts to a utitlty.

Level 2 cancelling Genocide Heaven: Once you connect a godpress, we all know any level genocide heaven will juggle, combine that with the level 2 cancelling and we have one lethal combo, once Rugal starts the final portion of the level 2 genocide heaven where he does his genocide cutter. cancel that into a Dark Smash. There’s also a timing difference in connecting the different strengths of the Dark smash because of it’s initial delay. If you plan to do a jab version, almost any timing will do, a strong version is slightly tighter, and you have to cancel into the fierce version just as Rugal is leaving the ground because of the lag. You can also apply this after a sweep in the corner, and if a dark smash hits in the corner.

Level 1 Gigatceh Pressure >> Level 1 Genocide Heaven: can also be done in A/N/S-Flashing Red, although this uses 2 supers, it’s not really practical when you can use your meter for so much more.

*Level 3: using a level 3 by itself isn’t as game-breaking as a level 2 super cancelled into special moves. For one thing I find that the only use for a level 3 by itself is if you plan to use the gigatech pressure to go through projectiles. nevertheless.,


Level 3 supers: as stated about the gigatech pressure’s case, you can also opt into using a level 3 genocide heaven inside his first B&B [Low LK’s >> Genocide Heaven], but just concentrate more on the two levels plus a fact that you have one remaining, and that you’ll only need to build a level 1 for another level 2 if you’ve spent as much. There is also the additonal damage plus… same as in level’s 1 and 2

The level 2 cancellation combos from above: except likewise that if you spent it, you only need to build one more level for an access to another level 2.

The Near 90 percent combo: Okay so i had exaggerated when i said that Rugal would be doing ninety percents everytime anyone whiffs a move, but it’s nearly close to that anyway. This is basically the same concept as Rugal’s level 2 Genocide Heaven super cancel stated from the level 2 section but with another level 1 genocide heaven tacked on while they are reeling airborne after being hit with a Dark Smash super cancelled from a Level 2 Heaven, juggled from a godpress or a connected dark smash in the corner, buffered from any bufferable normals, and finally from any set-up. Basically to have a full nearly ninety percent, it has to come from a Jump-in set-up, the bufferable move has to be either his close fierce or close roundhouse, and you have to connect all the hits from the level 2 genocide heaven and not have the second one whiff (as explained above). when you get to the portion where you’ll tack on the climatic second genocide heaven (level 1) it will always only register two hits because the dark smash has forwarded you too close to the edge of the screen disabling the range of the second hit of the heaven to ever connect, because if you wait for them to drop, they’ll descend through you and unable to reach the second hits’ hitbox. This is “The” reason why you would want to build up a level 3, and even if the set-up is nonexistent, or if it’s done by an initial godpress or dark smash, as long as the level 2 cancels are there you’ll still do approximately 75% damage.

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-c.LKx3, QCFHCB+MP (Lv2), HCB+HP
-c.MK, HCB+HP, QCFx2+MK (Lv2), QCF+HP(air), QCFx2+LK (Lv1)


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Jumping FK, land HP, HCB HP, qcf qcf mk, in air qcf MP, land qcf qcf lk.

The better the timing of the Genocide Super the more damage


Does anyone use kaiser wave I just use it to pressure the opponent plus it does good chip and guard damage you just gotta watch out for ppl who parry, roll, or JD.