ruiN- Teaches GGXX!

Sup guys im really bored @Wizzzerk so if u guys have any GGXX questions i will answer them batch faces remember im a scrub though ;D :clap:

Please tell me an Eddie attack pattern to build my game around. like lebron.


i think really good things to build around are like c.punch standing kick. C.p C.S u can do many things after those kinda things summon eddie do a Punch poke with him etc. :smiley: close,far drills. Fly and come down with a attack. :smiley:

i really dont know how to tell u paterns cause there is like 1902819028 i do ;(

I have a good computer, a PS2, 2 Sticks (soon.Thnx DF) and a job. I live in SoCal, and like pretzels.

Can you please tell me which GG I should get and why?

(Fuck, why is it so hard for me to decide which game to get)

Well since u like pretzels id say pick up isuka for the ps2 =] But overall if u are abel to get your hands on a japanese copy of GGXX#R thats definitly where u wanna go. It’s what all the cool kids are playing! and what will be played in US tourneys isuka prob wont go anywhere in the us it sucks. =( #R is the most balanced GG and the bestest and it has robo ky he shoots missles

robo kys a whore :wasted: actually, id like to know whats a good way to pop an opponent up and start a combo… ive played around with eddie but havent gotten around to learn a single air combo…

and with bridget, whats the exact timing in start his air combo after this combo of choice close up, into ksmh RC to 6s… i cant seem to get the 6s to start the combo i did it once… .just by random :rofl:

arigato :china:


Why does Robo Ky act so much more pimp than regular Ky?

Oh, and what is better, pancakes or Chinese food? I’m guessing Chinese food, since it made Jam so much stronger.

why does testaments OTG skull in #r make him so ill?

#R then.
Thank you.:china:

Eddie doesnt really have a way to pop u up for a air combo unless u hit with the little shadow eddie the uppercut (Slash release) standerd air combo is just jumping k,s,hs,dust.

u have to hit ksmh really deep or it will be too far right when u hit the roman 6h right away its pretty instant :D.

**kenmastersX ** : Easy hes a robo first of all he makes hella cool random noises he shoots missles i mean omg missles and hes got the coolest instant kill while ky is just some random fag. Chinese food win this one cause i like panda express and jam is a whore who is hot.

caliagent#3** because testa is already a huge annoying whore it gives him more options making him ever more annoying then ever! So he is alot iller with this new addition.

what is Baikens strategy gameplay??:xeye:

that was fast, thank you ruin :china:

ive seen baiken be more of a counter character, prolly be best to use her counter moves and supers

you people fucking suck at asking questions

If Ky and Jam had kids, what would their names be?

Ky Kudoberi?

Jam Kiske?

Ky Jam?


What type of kid would it be?

Rich bitch?

Pretty boy for life?

Also, does Eddie do aerobics of the undead, I mean what’s up with that leotard he’s wearing?


maJyK :wonder:

maJyK = magic?

Hmm, that makes sense.


Im not really baiken expert or have i ever touched her but i would say she could be played run away and rush down i think her style of play is kinda like… look for a safe opening since she takes bad damage drop matts on their head so u can advance safely get in bait them to attack counter kill. Mix in some tiger kneed uppercuts so they hit overhead bust a dust loop gg shake my hand.

How do you pull off the GG equivelent of parrying? in Training mode there is an option to put the computer into PG guard, how can we pull off this type of guarding?

PG Guard is just Faultless Defense without the green shield

there’s also instant blocking which reduces block stun, this is done by blocking at the last second, like Just Defending, and is indicated by the character flashing white

If eveone was balanced out in #R, why are Justice and Kliff still such assholes?

Oh, and where did Faust get his medical degree?