ruiN-/XenoTiger vs. 2 others, GGXX, money match, 2 vs. 2

preferably GGXX since we only played #reload once, but we will be playing some #reload in Evo so depending on how comfortable/adjusted we feel, we’ll do #reload as well. Lay down the format/how much money (at least $20 per team preferably) you guys want. Post who ur team mate will be as well. Whoever wants to play us #reload we’ll let you know if we’re down or not at Evo again depending on how comfortable/adjusted we feel.

Texas, we’re lookin at you! :wink:

lets do this.

Hmmm interesting

20$ Me and Alex G

bomb you got it flash > the world

Me and Rob/Paul $20.00 :slight_smile: b. And I still have a $10.00 match with chobazzle anyway.


!! bomb i been waiting for this one lets do this :D!

Genius/AsianHitler v XenoTiger/Ruin

too good! REVENGE!!! =]

The one i was waiting for… lets dance

Me/Alex vs Genius/AsianHitler

you down? same amount

i wonder if i need david for that one. :lol: jk

iono though. ive heard stories about flashmetroid…and alex G uses that cheap ass bitch dizzy right? oh wait…i use dizzy. =]

ill let david decide on this one. Im down for sure. If he isnt, maybe i can just play 2 on 1. Who needs a team vs 2 people anyway? that is, unless its ruin/xeno or ID/Chaotic.

let’s do this shiz.

…2 vs 1 no thnx

stories…what kind of stories I hope they are good:bluu: ’

anyway yeah if david doesnt wanna do it just forget about it trust me you dont wanna do a 2on1;)

We playing in XX or #reload?? Just wondering. And don’t worry peter, no excuse here if we lose, cause either way me, Rob, and Paul plays XX and #reload ^_^.


cool let’s play XX then :smiley:

flashmetroid : nah i was just kidding with all that cockiness.

Genius/AsianHitler v FlashMetroid/Alex G is accepted. But no more 2 on 2 bets for us. hehe gotta save some shit for the tourney. =]

But 2on1 wouldve been cool, more of a challenge…

oh BTW no round robin formats. They have a possible tie with even-numbered teams. So we will do it like LastManStanding.

1st man on each team plays, then the winner stays on and plays the 2nd man from the other team etc. First team to have both players lose gives the money to the other team.

I see well ill see you at evo:)

rofl bull fucking shit!

I was thinking the same but w.e I dont really care anymore

i WAS kidding about the cockiness. i WASNT kidding about me wanting to play both of yall 2on1. Im down for any challenge.

stop instigating roo! :wink:

Hah peter, you got a deal :D. I guess it’s JP/Rob vs Chobazzle/Xenotiger. I really can’t wait to see you guys at Evo. Especially the beast named Flashmetroid :D.