ruiN-/XenoTiger vs. 2 others, GGXX, money match, 2 vs. 2

I cant wait to play everyone whos never played me before:)

especially el Ruin:D

and I know you guys are like saying all this shit about me but in your head you probably thinking the same thing that everyone was thinking before I played them:lol: everything will become clear this evo are you ready:lol:

im not ready :frowning:

not me i know your the best

Hehe I knew this was going to be taken the wrong way. But hey, all in good fun, can’t wait to meet everyone in Evo. Again, 13 days before we head there.


honestly, ive heard good things about a lot of people. Evo will be time to settle all the hype. This will probably be the last major for XX. So Evo champ gets to go home as XX king. too good.

k so far it looks like 3 XX matches. Any other takers?


Flash/Alex vs Jp/Rob 20$ you down

Sure flash, but I need a change of partners, instead of Rob, it’s JP/Paul “the kugz” for $20, 2 out of 3, and say #reload :D.


OK #R is good:D

Cool :D, all of our characters are better in #reload anyway than in XX, (especially Dizzy in #reload), so I think since this is what we all like playing nowadays, it’s better to play in that. Anyway see you guys in about 8 Days :slight_smile: b.


P.S. All BS aside i really wanna meet everyone again.:D.

Flash change of plans, the kugz isn’t down with it. So I might change my teammate to Rounin. It’s still #r, so more than likely it’s Flash/Alex G. vs JP/JC. 2 out of 3 $20.00, $10.00 per person.


OK you dont really have to tell us anything when you change your partner we dont care well take any bets agianst anyone:evil:

Marneto/Alex vs. FlashMetroid/Alex
$20, 10 a person you d0wn?

Marneto ok

Anyone else?

me/ruiN- vs. Marneto/Alex. $20 total, let’s do this.


Hehe, last minute ditch i see, anywho, see you guys at Evo :stuck_out_tongue:


yup, thats if anyone else is still hasn’t left yet for evo, which im sure they have =)