Rules at EvO ?


I got a quick question on evo tourney rules, can you use the (3x) buttons on the te fightstick at the tourney. I don’t know if the tourneys in my area are doing this? Anyone know? Cause I turned them off I do use them so, I’m learning it normal way just in case. Kinda threw some things off now so back too the drawing board.


The rules for this year haven’t been officially announced yet, but standard rules are that anything available in game (like the 3x Punch/Kick buttons) are allowed to be used, whereas things that require external hardware (like turbo) are not allowed.


Ok thx, that helps alot.


so i can also use a button to have the throw command and also the personal action command too and it would be fine?


I’d like them to allow wireless controllers.
They can set up a dummy console where you have to synch your wireless controller to after a match.


No because you get this