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HDR is Akuma banned?

SC4 is Algol, Yoda, Vader, Bonus chars banned? Any stage bannings?

Will be coming in the next month

Akuma has been toned down compared to ST so I would like to guess that he wouldn’t be banned.

While I’d like to see Algol banned since he’s banned at Nationals and they take place a week after Evo, I wouldn’t be surprised if only Yoda and bonus/custom characters get banned.

Depending on how many people play Algol, it could make for some really boring DVDs. :rofl:

Cassandra rapes algol

So does Cervantes. Doesn’t make a bunch of Algol matches any more entertaining to watch.

so why is he banned if 2 characters rape him?

Being boring to watch isnt a reason to ban something. If it were, 3s would have said goodbye to Chun ages ago.

how would yoda even fall under the category of being banned, just because you cant throw him doesnt mean its bannable, thats an advantage. he is lower tier anyway.

Not only that but i have a lot of fun both fighting Algol and watching him played… so it’s just a matter of opinion.

Well, the people supplying the PS3s will have to have purchased Yoda for each console SC4 is played on if he’s allowed.:looney:

i think it has more to do with him not being default on the ps3 version

The thing with SC4 is that there doesn’t seem to be any one character that’s way above everyone else. Hilde is the hot new thing right now, but even she has losing matchups. The game as a whole is balanced much like ST, actually, with all sorts of counter-picking - not as extreme but the same basic idea (i.e. Hilde & Kilik lose to Asta, Asta loses to Algol, Algol loses to Yoshi, and so on).

The only elements of the game that have a really solid argument for being banned are custom characters (obvious) and button mapping with Hilde (kinda like the charging glitch in HD Remix, lets her do things that are literally impossible with default controls).

Um… I’m not trying to cause an argument or dictate who should be banned and who shouldn’t. I’d just like a standard set of rules.

I didn’t take part in the SC community’s original ban of Algol. I simply want Evo rules to match Nationals rules since they’re a week apart.

I didn’t say he should be banned because he’s boring. I said I’d like to see him banned because the SC Nationals rules have him banned. Matches being boring was only in reference to the Evo DVDs.

Yoda is also banned at Nationals. I don’t have an issue with Yoda, but you already eluded to a possible ban on Yoda due to the fact of playing the game on PS3 and having to download Yoda on each machine.

My only opinion on the Star Wars characters is that Darth Vader and Yoda should come as a pair. If one is allowed, the other should be allowed. Likewise, if one is banned, the other should be banned. Currently, the SC community has chosen to only ban Yoda and not Vader.

I completely disagree with this. There are a few characters that have better match-ups than others, but there really isn’t much in the way of counterpicking in SC4. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s only logically sound when discussing Hilde (some characters can’t be juggled by the full “doom combo”) and Algol (some characters get around his bubble shield easier than others). Aside from those two, no one character is a definitive counterpick for another.

I do think guest and custom characters should be banned.

Once again, ill state that Evo develops its own ruleset and doesnt follow anyone elses.

You tell em Steve-Dave!

^ stuff like this gives me hope for fighting games. Banning stuff when it’s not even dominating the scene or just to fit in is not cool.

DrDogg: There are more unique abilities than just the doom combo and bubble keepaway. Look at Yoda - besides his height, you can beat him with Taki or Apprentice by getting a lead and flipping around the screen all day, since there is literally no way for him to ever catch up to you. It’s just that nobody in the SC community is dirty enough to actually do that. =P

Speaking of Apprentice, his throw break is another example. I have seen him used to beat Asta in multiple tournaments.

And I will go back to Asta vs. Kilik as a more specific case. Asta’s bullrush is the only move in the game with the right properties/speed/range to stop Asura and WS B in most situations, making Kilik a much more ordinary character.

The fact that some mid/low-tier characters beat some high-tier characters is what I meant by ST-style balance. You don’t see that very often in 3-D games.

Most SC players either haven’t realized the extent of this yet or aren’t willing to learn a bunch of characters, but one who has is Oofmatic. He has no less than 8 tournament characters he switches between depending on the opponent. I would expect others to follow his lead to at least some extent as the game progresses…

Alright, so let’s keep Yoda in there. Mr. Wizard, are you going to give each person that supplies a PS3 $5 to buy Yoda if they don’t have him on there already? Otherwise, Yoda mains will have to wait for a console that has him on there (if one’s available at all).

I don’t understand the sheer lack of respect that you display toward the fighting game scenes that cause the very games you put into Evo to even have a following in the first place. Especially here. I mean, this one’s not even a matter of broke/balanced. It’s a matter of forcing people to buy DLC or possibly causing delays if you DON’T force people to buy Yoda.

That is what I like about EVO. They don’t give a damn about the community as far as the rules are concerned.