Rules for HSF2

What rules are there gonna be for HSF2 on top of normal tournament rules? The last tournament I ran for this game had no rules regarding character selection and we ran into a problem when 2 WW Guile players matched up in the semis. I’ve heard some tournaments ban WW characters for that reason and that CE Bison is banned also. Anything like that going to happen for this event?

–Jay Snyder

Only WW characters need to be banned. Everything else should be fair game. CE Bison is not that broken, just dont get hit by double kick and u will be alright =D


This should be intresting. Ce.Sagat FTW!

Ban? What? Why?

I would only say Ban WW cuz of the double character issues. But that is the only reason to ban any thing in HSF2.

At least ppl will be able to practice for EVO on the EVO game this year. last year man ppl didn’t even have ps1 ST to practice.

Good job Inkblot/ponder.

The double character issue didn’t stop us from holding tournaments back in the day. There are ways around it.

Well, that’s what I’m asking. What is going to be the solution used at Evo for this. I’d just like to know now so that when I run/attend tournaments here for it, we can do the same thing that’s going to happen at Evo.

–Jay Snyder

Coin flip if they both want to use the same WW character, winner gets the character, loser gets to pick the side.

OK. That works just fine.

Hmm. Yeah, the no 2 same WW characters thing kinda sucks.

If you lose the coin flip… then that would mean, you still wouldn’t be able to pick that WW character you wanted even after you lose the 1st game in a best of 3 match up.

Not too sure about this, but I’d hate to see the finals being determined by a coin-flip.

the finals will not be determined by a coin flip. Guile is the only WW character worth playing. Well ill add Geif in there two cuz his SPD is fucking gay in that version.

I will be playing WW gief!

Eh, I’m not even so sure about WW Gief. Having only one lariat, that’s immobile and doesn’t knock down, hurts big-time. He was really good in WW when nobody had reversals, but not in this game.

And the coinflip loser could easily just go with CE Guile instead…


Provided I make it this year I will co-sign this

I just want to say CE M. Bison is no more broken then Super T. Hawk. Me and my friend just played 100 matches, and he had some pretty good ways to escape my Psycho Crusher traps, and could punish blocked Psycho Crushers in the corner with a throw. There really isn’t a good oppurtunity to use his “game breaking” Knee Press that couldn’t be replaced with a throw.

LOL, if it was me and i came across a WW guile player i would say i’m gonna use WW guile too, force coinflip, if i win, they lose their main character, advantage me.

ssjevot i think your wrong about CE M.Bison,if you crusher someone in the corner bison will cross up and if you mash c.lp you can avoid being thrown, very easy to get caught by, and before you know it u ate a scissor,, hk, and your dizzied. even if you block the scissors, bison can still catch ppl in an infinite block string. Yeh you don’t normally see but i’m sure at an event like evo, there will be some ce. bison masters.

im in training for a bit of a WW rumble myself

I was not aware of that, but I did notice some characters couldn’t throw him out, it may just be the Super T. Hawk throws faster, but I will try what you said. It definately does not crossup though. He flies twoards the corner, but lands in front of them. However as far as blocking scissors leads to an infinite block string, could you tell me what all this entails? I don’t doubt you, I just want to know how to do it.

It turns out this isn’t true, also after messing around a little in training, it seems like Knee Press takes longer to charge then Psycho Crusher. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I always know right when my crusher is charged and I need to wait a little longer every time I try for Knee Press. Also, it seems that HP Psycho Crusher does crossover on certain characters, though I think blocking standing vs. crouching may effect this as well. Either way I don’t think he is broken.

I confirmed the delay. If I choose Super Turbo, it comes out just as fast, meaning it has to be something added to the game and not a mistake on my part. I don’t know if it was like this in the arcade version or not. So, this could be well known.

^ infinte blockstring doesn’t exist. It’s breakable.

If it wasn’t, he would be banned instantly.

I’m sure he’s talking about his []xN unless there’s something else. You can reverse the next scissors (however, if you get baited you lose for free lol)


In CE, Bison’s scissors took 3 seconds to charge.

wrong, infinite block string is:

scissors,, lk xx lp crusher, lk, lk xx scissors,, lk, etc etc.

I’m not 100% sure, but i think if a character has dp reversal they can knock bison out of it between lk and the lp crusher but everyone else is screwed.

I really hope i am wrong on this though.