Rules: Keep it classy or risk thread lock/ban/hurt feelings. Now with mod list


All antsy because you want to create a new thread? Cool. Just follow these simple as hell rules before hitting that new thread button.

1. No Unofficially Announced Character Threads: With the Arcade versions announcement, we have at least two character request/discussion threads already going. If you want to be vocal about which characters you are hoping will show up in the game, do it in there. Individual character threads are only allowed once the new character is officially announced.

Examples of what not to do:
Rolento in SSF4
Dudley All But Confirmed (before official announcement)

1B. **No Individual Character Threads if a Sub-Board for the character exists: **Individual threads for characters that already have their own SSF4 sub board will be closed and auto-infracted.

Examples of what not to do:
Why Sagat?

2. Duplicate threads: Use the search function. Seriously. Duplicating a thread just annoys the crap out of the mods, which leads to snarky replies and infractions. Let’s keep things in order here.

3. No bumping: Pretty self explanatory. Don’t bump your thread if no one has responded below your original post. Edit your OP if you need to add more info.

4. Banned Thread Topics:
4A. No “Choose My Character” Threads: No one can answer this question for you. It’s a personal preference. Stop being mentally lazy and play through the entire cast. Saikyo Newbie board is also the better place for this sort of thread.
4B. No “Joysticks/Pads…wutup wit dat!?!” threads: Take your personal issues with sticks/pads to Tech Talk, Saikyo or Fighting Games. Believe it or not, this has almost nothing to do with Super Street Fighter IV.
**4C. No Matchmaking threads: **We have matchmaking threads under the character specific boards, the XBL board, the PSN board, the online board and the Regional Matchmaking boards. Trust us, you really don’t need another matchmaking thread on the SSF4 mainboard.

5. General Ranting and Whining threads: We understand that tick throws piss you off. We understand that you hate XBL Ken. We understand that you wish you were better. We understand that you think there are too many shoto players. We sympathize. We really, really, really, really do. The SSF4 main board, unfortunately, is not your rant board/punching bag/live journal. If the substance of your new thread is just to whine in public, it’s going to get closed. When the urge hits to let it all out, perhaps refer to the General Discussions Board, Fighting Games Board, Saikyo Board or even better: the blog feature!

Other Rules

**6. “First” and “In B4 Lock”: **You’re not funny. Don’t reply to threads you know will be closed with bullshit.

**7. Replying to Bot Spam: **You’re bumping the bot’s spam at this point. If you continually do this, we’ll be forced to come to the conclusion that you’re okay with helping the bot spam the boards.

The mods for this section are as follows:
Mr. Flowers
**Saotome Kaneda **inactive

Saotome Kaneda doesn’t mod this section anymore. Stop PM’ing him about SSF4.

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…I meant console port of A3…which was on PS2…


Bump. With new game updates come a new crop of people not knowing they are breaking rules. Read them. Follow them. Avoid my snark.