Rules of the Game

Correct me if I am wrong, but these are my observations of the game engine ruleset in SFXT.

Apparently, you can mash (buffer) chain combo normals from light to hard attacks (ex: lp -> mp -> hp). You can mix kicks and punches, and high/low attacks. Once the hard attack has landed, the next attack can either be a hard attack which will result in a launcher (ex: lp -> mp -> hp -> hk/hp/h special = launcher [the special doesn’t happen]), or you can use an EX special (ex: lp->mp->hp->EX dp) or sometimes a lower-power special. If you use your character’s EX special that can be charged, you can dash out of charging it and continue your combo.

This game has VERY tight execution requirements.

In the trials, anytime you see a lower power move chained to a higher power move, just mash that portion. Otherwise, everything else is links, bouncers (to keep airborne opps airborne) and specials (up to supers).

Stuff links in this game that did not link in SSFIVAE.

Plinking works. Kara throws also work.