Rules questions

Here are a few rules id liek to knwo the answer to.

  1. Coaching. Player A ( Ken ) is playing player B( Balrog), player B loses his first match, Player C states out loud he ( player A) cant beat Chun li. Player B then choses Chun and then wins the remaining two matches. is player B disqualified? Is any significant change in tide of a match punishable if it was deemed that outside information was provided to a player from an outside source?
    A) player C states to Player A that you have to pick old chun not new chun.
  2. Pausing. Do to mechanical failure? ( not hitting a button) wires cross etc… i think that this was already covered in mechanical failure section? was it?
  3. Judges. The judge, Player A and his friend player C are friends Player B is winning his match vs player A. player A are uses an illegal glitch while the Judge is in conversation with player C. and misses the glitch. Player B ends the game after the match is over b/c the judge was not at the gaming station. Does player B get to plead his case?
    a) judge allows coaching? as in #1. ( if it is illegal)
  1. no, information is public knowledge
    1a) same
  2. pausing doesnt fall under mechinical failing unless its obvious (ie pausing going on and off rapidly)
  3. the player needs to stop the match before it ends to report a rule violation. if the match gets to the end and it isnt stopped or a judge isnt notified, the game is legal.
    3a) as long as it doesnt interfere with the touranment.

could you then describe what illegal coaching is?

I would think “illegal” coaching would be something like watching the other guy’s hands and telling your friend what he is doing…or watching his hands and telling your friend how to react accordingly. Those kinds of things aren’t general information, and are very specific to the match at hand. The above examples are common knowledge, or even if they weren’t, just telling your friend to use a character doesn’t turn the tide in his favor 'cause he needs to know what to do with that character against his opponent. Plus, game 3 player A could switch to beat Chun…and player B loses anyway.

i didn’t want to make a new thread but my question is can someone use R4 or 2 R2 in cvs2?

You can use any combination of configurations for CvS2.

Can you program all three punches and kicks into one button? I would assume not since it would make characters such as Rog much more attractive to play in ST

The sad thing is, yes, you can (you’re allowed to map any button combo available in the in-game button mappings)

Why they allow it, I’ll never understand

Mr Wiz do we have to register to evo so we can even enter? Or do we have to register to play any of the new games? Thank you for your time.

Spectating is free. Playing in tournaments and new games is not.

about mechanical failure… what if one of your buttons stops working in the middle of a match? do you get DQ’d, or do u just forfeit that match (potentially get eliminated if you’ve already lost once)? i’m bringing my soldering kit just in case.

Best bet would be to stop the match and get the judge. If you can prove to him that the button doesn’t work, and can get another stick to use I’m sure they’d let you replay the round. If it’s something that only is a freak occurrence and you can’t reproduce it for the judge…then you’re out of luck.