Rules RULES?!


So, I need 50 posts so I can start hawking my shit again. Hi, I’m Knives Kountry, you know me, or maybe you don’t. Well anyway… how about that Democracy? Crazy shit. How about this weather? Crazy shit. How about that local sports team? Jeremy Lin belongs in NY. I’m not sure if that guy/girl in the kimono from the new BB iteration is a guy/girl? P4u is looking good except the names are so weeabo. TTT2 is going to kill SF4. Uh… I love you? Let’s talk; no more than 49 more times.


Go Here.
You’ll have 50 posts in like 5 minutes…
I’m not kidding…


Democracy sucks, Its raining, that sucks, Hockey is over who cares about sports? Who’s Jeremy Lin? I think its a trap. Weeabo is an outdated term, whats TTT2? Never heard of it. Koreans are lame. :slight_smile:


It’s a dude.

What a bold new world we live in


ZOMG they want to make sure you stick around BEFORE your rip the community off. Next thing you know bots will try to sell viagra in the trading outlet.:rofl:


Can we get a preview of what you’re trying to sell?

Talk about the items!




Feels weird, man


did you get banned or something?


Henry Rollins is an awesome man, and also top tier in Def Jam Fight for NY


Yes, yes the rules. Didn’t mean to possibly get you in trouble for saying what you’re selling in the wrong place, if you just happen to be selling anything sometime in the future. Dreamcast had VGA out, sweet. I had the Innovation heralded one, PS2 controllers for your DC, tech talk says no lag, no idea where it is now.

Some guy bought another guy’s Ico on PS2 for $5 over in that there trading outlet. Son of a bitch.


Konami Code entered, +50 posts!
In all seriousness I’ve seen guys who don’t meet any of the requirements sell things on here.


If there is a Jesus, he or she will delete this thread and all of its posts to spite you, because that’s what Jesuses do.


This offends me to some level. Not because you would like the man since the dude is all sorts of amazing; especially if you watch him live doing his spoken word thing. But because he constantly talks about reading books and you fail at basic literacy.

And I quote:


I can’t wait to buy shit from the OP.


0 out of 10


This nigga be triple and quadruple posting just so he can sell some shit.

Sad shit…


What’s a

like he’s a diety. :eek: Or he was quick to be meangirls about any ol thing. Regardless, follow the rules bro, however they may be doubly written. Previous precedents with scams require such safeguards, benefitting all.


You can try again when you’re unbanned and without spamming this time.