Rulk fights X-

Looks legit, and dare I say I am somewhat interested?

Thread title edited. LOL second time this week. Versus threads are not allowed on SRK (other than the premium board) so please go out of your way to make thread titles not look like them despite whatever the title of an upcoming comic is.

Hey am I allowed to ban anyone that roots for Rulk to win any fight whatsoever? No? Drat… :sad: J/K :lol:

Sano I know you don’t like Rulk, but that’s just because Loeb is writing him, if anyone else writes him expect a proper potrayal.

Maybe? I’m not really a fan of Daken and Bendis hasn’t done much to make me like him either. Course Daken’s a villain so I guess I don’t really have to like him to enjoy Dark Avengers.

Rulk? Maybe if Peter David tackled him but then again, I’d rather see Peter David write Skaar. Hmm.

the rulk v rogan er… logan :sweat: pic looks too telling of what the pending comic will highlight for me, but hopefully i’m pleasantly surprised. Given how Bruce can run through a number of X-teams I don’t see the fight coming out unjobbed despite the remarkable roster. (:bluu: could blame the writer) If it’s going to look good, then this fight can’t resemble that fight. But since at least 3 of them can take a hulk hit, i expect them to take a rulk beating regardless of who is written with the “W/L/D” in the end. wwed :wonder: what would Elixir do…

And while still waiting on a Skaar and Daken match up (worked in Ippo :coffee:) i’m not expecting to like it.