Rumble Fighter/ Gem fighter

Last time I made a thread for this game, I got bashed.

I assume it is becuase of the approach I made. I’ll try again becuase it is truly a great game and people are missing out cept’ for SmexyMillz apparently.
First, an introduction to the game mechanics. Although this is essentially a VS. Double Dragon, there is much more depth to the metagame then most people that posted in the previous topic gave it credit.

An attack in the game, called nanmu, is basically a super attack used by a normal character and can only be recieved when one gets to level 20( I heard it is 15 now) and beats survival mode three times. You can customize your character to your liking by class, cloths, face, hair, and even fighting style. Exocores and basically tranformations that in some cases give you an extreme advantage. (With a lot of thier full combos being safe on block) but they aren’t unbeatable as one can use their own exocore to counter the other. As far as I know, striker has the best default Exo, with its double roundhouse kick special have invincibility.

Now on to your fighting styles which unfortunately, have to be purchased. The best styles in the game are often purchased with real money, but don’t worry, they are all relatively cheap. Styles in this game are relatively diverse, as some have special grabs, counters, and special moves. (Kick and gaurd pressed quickly after.) Styles in this game all require some training to fully take advantage of it, such as using punches for driftin(which will be explained below) and baiting counters (like judo). Since you can gaurd 8 ways, an oponent can easily open you up unless you have a special periperal that allows you to be guarded all ways at once. Some styles have extremely safe strings on block as long as you don’t use the final hit/hits.

Tactics such as Drifting, which was basically positioning yourself around the opponent in order to find an opening. Crossups can be used to trick the opponent as well.

Countering is a very difficult technique to use on a seasoned veteran (like myself, and people like ralphjos) can use grabs to stop counters or delay our attacks. It requires spot on reading of the opponent, as well as great timing.

Panic attack is an attack you get once a game to break a combo. There are ways to counter this. Baiting/predicting a panic attack by guarding it and continue your combo, using your own panic to break thiers, S-breaking (, and Faux breaking (

Here are a couple of videos displaying the awesomeness of this game. (Mostly ralphjos, the new Tomo/jwong of Rumble Fighter)

I played the game once, then I ragequit because I kept falling off the stages and the fighting style I wanted I had to pay for.

Then I got into Dungeon Fighter.

I remember the good old days of RF.

When I literally won almost every game I was in. From 1v1’s with top players like holyfire ( I swear he eas the best back then) and Allegretto to the team matches with randoms in OPEN when there were all experienced players on one side and me and three scrubs. I used to body all four of them. Every new style that came out was always broken for the first couple of weeks. Then I always destroyed them about 3 days later.I couldn’t break lv 29 and I never used astro styles.

I had many, many accounts. I used to be a Drunken Fist man, but I always played with Taekwondo and I used to be beast. Sometimes the game pissed me off, now I just miss it.

Those were some good times.

Haha, I played this game for awhile, until recently. Been on that SSf4 grind til AE. The new scroll resembles Dudley from street fighter.
This game is not newb friendly at this point.
I wish this game got some more support for their netcode though.

I don’t even want to get started on my rant about this game. Playing RF since beta 1, the game is absolutely not noob friendly and heavily depended on p2p stats along with ramming.

I mostly quit due to the community being mostly complete garbage at the current moment.

Yeah, I see what you mean, right now they’re trying to salvage that waste of a community. Even with the new GMs and CAs, they aren’t focusing on helping the newb population get better or get by the torment of being new to the game.

I loved the game for what it was, but the community and management of the game is killing it for me.

Also, how much depth does the game have? I think it enough depth to be considered a nice fighter, opinions?

it looks interesting.

Depth…what depth?! The game isn’t even worthed looking into in search of depth. Only thing you’ll find out in a few plays is that teamwork is non-existent, stats make all the more difference in you getting dropped quickly, run like hell when you get double teamed, don’t qq at the room master cause you’ll get kicked from the room quickly, & consider everything cheap.

The game was fun as hell when it first started but then all the stat crap started rolling in and things just went from bad to worse. I had my fill for the game even though I go back like once a month or so.

You sound like such a salty scrub I can’t believe it.

I like how you say team work is non-existent while putting double team in the same sentence. I’vs seen scrub teams beat teams of seasoned players becuase the whole 1v1 thing is non existent to them. They work together and get the job done. Games such as King of the Hill and Arena also require teamwork. If the stats are unrepresentable high (GM) I usually leave the room. But normal members distribute their stats properly. Members have proven on MANY occasion that stats don’t matter as much as you claim. Someone with NO stats can beat a player with high damage. I can understand if you don’t like the game, but bashing it’s depth and gameplay style comes off as asshole-ish.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience than as a scrub. RF changed so much over the years that now it mostly boils down to which scroll, exocore, & overly stat gear you use. Sure, there are times when someone with low or no stats can take out someone with them but you can’t deny they have to work their ass off to do so. Sure, KotH mode is about the “ONLY” mode you’ll see teamwork in actual play in the game but then again…how often do you see anyone playing that mode? All the other modes, you’ll see mostly everyone going into “HERO” mode.

I’m sorry but if I was to say any F2P game has any depth in it’s fighting mechanics, I would say RF’s “depth” is shit in comparison to ElSword, Fighter’s Club, Perfect KO, & Kwonho.

Literally every sentence after that one is irrelevant now.

If you are an inexperienced player commenting on RF’s depth, why would you think I would believe anything you say. If the match-up is in the other person’s favor, then of COURSE you are gonna have to work harder and be more careful. But is that not all fighting games?

Now your just bringing up random games I am sure you know shit about either. If you are gonna not like a game fine, but don’t come in here acting as if you know what you are talking about when you CLEARLY don’t.

Then why not just put TL;DR and save the unneeded commentary. At any rate, as to why your trying to draw attention to a game no one is going give two shits about, I will not understand. We can keep the amusing little conversation about “depth” in this game if ya want…it’s fine by me.

Basically what the game boils down to is:

  • get stat clothes to last longer in matches
  • learn crossups
  • learn to drift
  • learn legal glitchs (ie: faux breaking…why that is even legal, I will not understand)
  • learn to juggle
  • learn to whiff/bait

And most importantly: LEARN HOW AND WHEN TO RAM.

Them are basically what the game comes down to in matches. I would include finding a spamable exocore but you’ll get your occasional matches where people won’t use them…which is a good thing at times when you have good non-exo matches so it’s particularly not high on the learn list. Now I’m sure your going to have something to say against that & say I’m wrong. If not, what else is there to learn in this game cause there ain’t much to learn after that.

The depth of the game comes from how you use all of those things. It doesn’t need 1000 mechanics to fake it. Kind of like in SF when with most characters you learn your combos and pretty much everything else you do is learn how to use the tools you were dealt.

Look at ralphjos and that unique drifting, he actually puts his environment to use. I have yet to see many other players do that.

When you say find a nice spammy exocore, that is where teamwork comes in in team matches. You have to help your fellow players out by stopping him from using any of his abilities. The game may revolve somewhat about what you have in your wallet, but that doesn’t make it bad. That list yuo make is just as long as some other fighting games. Fighting game lists of things to learn don’t need to be a mile long list in order for it to have depth. ST has a short list and is still respected by many players old and new alike. Oh, and you forgot learn to counter on the list.


Learn to Zone properly
Learn your combos
Throw Softening
TDR-Timing, distance, and reaction. < Pretty much important in every fighting game
Kara canceling

Pretty much everything else in the game comes from experience and how you execute your gameplan using these things.

Once again, you talk as an in-experienced player. If the game has shit depth, then that list you posted would be meaningless, but it is not.

The fact that I don’t care about using actual fighting game mechanics in such a game would probably explain why I don’t go into such detail as you’re trying so hard to push onto the game. Most of the people who play don’t even bother with most of the stuff…just your original vets whom, like Ralphjos, RonaldReagan, Cotteneyes, Haruhi, Sonic (doesn’t play no more), & '08-09 vets (the other shits in the game I couldn’t bother remembering), would more than likely put most of that into use.

The fact that no one else is responding to this thread (other than myself) should have given you some idea that no one cares about the game. Just let the thread die already.

So, you come into a thread, bash a game you have little knowledge of, and then tell me to let thread die.


The point of this thread is to spread intrest, and what you are doing is counter-productive of that. You simply make scrub rants about a game you went little into detail about, actually thinking that you knew what you were talking about. That’s like me going into a random fighting game thread, saying it sucks becuase I suck, then saying to let it die becuase I obviously have no interest in it. The fact that you wasted even a millisecond in this thread says a lot about you.

I’m sure posting on a internet forum says a lot about me. Just keep saying that to yourself and you’ll be just fine.

I havent play RFEU in like 5-6 months but before I stopped I got zin karate and my character turnt from a regular RF character to a God I used druken master and cap for the longest time though…

RF is awesome I might play it again one of these days when I get a new laptop I miss doing 1v1’s on blacktop

Ahhhh Rumble Fighter I had some good times on that game. All my wacky stunts, and drama filled games, and convos via ventrilo and the forums.

Here are some of those wacky adventures. Btw my IGN was ilikecereal2 and Fullmetal26





Hardest dude vid is still one of my favs

Three questions.

1: Did they increase the Carats output? Because I’m quite tired of farming the construction stage over and over for minimal money while rich kids just cash shop their way to super amazing fight styles.

2: Is Street viable? Because when I stopped playing, it’s the only style I had.

3: Did they fix countering for all the other styles besides Judo and Sambo? It was buggy and useless for everyone else, even the top tier styles like Muay Thai.