Rumble Fighter/ Gem fighter

Lmaoo mine too. It was crazy how offended ppl got when I trolled with “my message to teh RF community” video lolz.

Love it or hate it, RF had a wacky, crazy community. It’ll never be like those days :confused:

And nah Street is doodoo trash. But if u were gone for a while I think they give u a welcome back package with some pretty good scrolls. and exocores.

And I’m not sure. I think the Carat output is prolly the same I’m not sure.
And also they’ve updated alot of the old scrolls like, Taekwondo, Jui jitsu, Kung Fu etc. so they can be more viable

  1. They do have double XP/Carat at 6-8pm.

  2. It is the easiest style to drift with, as long as you have good fundementals, it should be viable, unless your playing some extremely experienced players, which RF lacks right now. Even lvl 60s-90s are trash nowadays.

  3. Muay thai is like C tier now, but in high level matches it doesn’t really matter. And no, countering is still the same for most of every style. This counter sets up some tricky situations anyway, so its actually good. The game has tech rolls so i highly doubt that Judo and Sambo’s counters set up the same wakeup games they once had.

I see. Thank you for your input.

Gem Fighter hasn’t been released yet hahaha

Gem fighter is just the O.G korean version of RF. Man i loved this game… Fun times were had.