Rumble Fighter?

I got an e-mail for an open beta for this, that started yesterday.
Looks kind of gay, but I was wondering if anyone tried it out yet.

I found a few random clips on youtube.

Looks like it might be kind of fun if the lag is fair, but I have my doubts. Open Beta for the week is 9-9 PST time, so I can’t try it for a few hours.

If anyone had a chance to try it yesterday, just curious on your thoughts.

Looks interesting; I’ll have a look at it.

OK, I tried it for a bit. I was hoping it was a 2D fighter, but it’s kinda like a Powerstone/Smash Bros. hybrid. Seems like it can be fun, team games could be pretty interesting. They definitely need to fix throws, you can corner someone face to face and throws will whiff almost every time. Lag is a problem as well.

I will give it more of a try, but it’s probably just something to goof around on when you are bored.

it looks kinda slow

looks nice, I’d hit it… nice grafix imho

I kinda liked guardian heronies and little fighter 2… so this looks cool
erm is it online only right?

I guess there ain’t no offline mode? :…(
Also how big is this thing?

anybody? Did it die?

Seems some of the guys in the Kwon Ho thread are playing it. I can’t until my next day off because of the beta hours.

Yeah looks fun in a SSB way. Is there an offline mode for this game?

Only online play, theres only 1 more day left for the beta I believe.

They all look like Gaia avatars…

game is pretty fun. playing today at work. a coworker of mine was playing.


Wow - revive :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, I just started playing this and it’s a fun little time killer. Some of the styles have yet to be released for the US version…but we have some styles to look forward to…