Rumble In Sac Town

Calling all elite players in the 916 and 530 area codes.
Are you just plain tired of losing to scrubs online because of lag whether it’s in SF4or MvC2? Want to prove your skills against real people and not just a random screen name?

Console Tournament for SF4 and MvC2 for the PS3
DATE= Sunday, September 20, 2009
LOCATION= 9123 Kiefer Blvd Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95826
Moby’s Fish and Chips in the Save Mart Shopping Center

Sign-ups are at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Tournament starts at 1:00 pm

Buy-in= $10 per game entry fee plus a $2 registration fee
Registration fee will go towards prizes for
the top 2 players plus a conciliation prize for the player with
the most entries with the fewest tournament points.
(After 1 season of tournament play)

Prize split= 1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

All registration fees will be accounted for and go towards prizes.

That fee seems really steep. So does that mean if one enters SFIV, they pay $10, and $2 goes to the pot?

Unlike other tournaments I am not charging a venue fee or anything of that sort. I make no money off of this tournament at all. I just want to recharge the gaming scene in Sacramento to the once glorious mecca it once was.

The $2 is on top of the entry fee for each tourney if you enter both games its only $2 plus the $20; if you enter 1 game its only $2 plus the $10. I can lower the game fee to $5 but to bring out top gamers the prize pool has to be big for them to even make a trip to Sac. The $2 will be collected and accounted for and the prizes will vary from a SF4 stick TE or Tekken 6 combo/pack. The prizes may vary depending on how much money is in the pool.

Since this is the first tournament; seeding will be random, but for the others they will be seeded based upon previous points accumulated. The prizes are incentives to come out and enter the tourneys on a regular basis. And there will be a conciliation prize as stated in the previous post.

I use to run tourneys in Sac several times when the Gameroom was still open. So I have experience in running a smooth tourney. I also helped out at the MUGA tourneys as well when I was in school.

Ohh ok I got it. Sorry, I misunderstood.

I gotta start playing with the Davis cats some more o_o

I might be able to make it. But if I go down to Sac on a Sunday I would want to stop by Drom’s Comics and play there for a bit but it’s almost at the same time. There’s no chance of u doing this later in the day or will this be the permanent time from here on out?

I am hoping you start at 1 even earlier if possible.

crap i missed it!! can anyone tell me how this tourney was?

The tourney was pretty cool. The place had good Korean food (I dunno about the other food- didn’t try it) and the tourney was run pretty smoothly. It was a sixteen man tourney (I think) for SFIV, and four man round robin for MVC2. For SFIV, it was mostly 530 (Davis) and 916.

You should come out next time! Meanwhile, come to mine on Saturdays if you can :D.

whens tha next tourney?? and ill try and make it to yours. im so damn tired of playin online lol

Yeah, online is garbage compared to offline haha. As with most things o_o.

If I remember right, Tim (the organizer) said biweekly. Also, there’ll be points distributed up to a certain place (5th, I think), and at the end of the season, the person with the most points will get a prize. More incentive to come out consistently!

Besides, tourneys are always fun anyway, so it’s fun to come out and play. More reason to come to this specific one, though!

Next The City tourney will be this week, so try to make it out. Even if you don’t enter, feel free to come around 2 and just play some casuals.

sounds good ill probably be there!